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Switch Rods For Smallmouth Bass

Jeff and I have been using our Scott Switch Rods for bass fishing in the the rivers for many years. Here are a few of the great angling features  the switch rods help us with.  If I am wading a river where there is a solid line of trees behind me that would prevent a regular back cast with my regular, single hand, smallmouth bass rod, the switch rod easily lets me roll out long casts.
When I am fishing nymphs and streamers across fast currents the extra length of my switch rod easily helps me reach high in order to negate the fast currents before me that would rob me of depth. Also in similar situations I can use long controlled mends in order to swim my flies deeply.
Making long casts is easy with a switch rod so I can fish poppers along the far shaded banks when the river before me is too deep to wade.

Switch Rod Saver

Many smallmouth streams have stretches where we are kept close to a tree lined river bank by deep water. Here casting is difficult with a regular nine foot rod. A Switch Rod simplifies this since you do not need to make a regular back cast.

Smallmouth Bass and a Switch Rod January 2, 1011

Winter Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing with a Switch Rod from JW Murray on Vimeo.

We didn’t get skunked but the river is still too cold for even fair Smallmouth Bass fishing.  It was however a great way to welcome in 2011!

Switch Rod Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

Switch Rod Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

Listen to Harry Murray discuss the techniques and tactics which make the utilization of a Switch Rod beneficial for the Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishermen and women.

Scott T2H Two Handed Fly Rods

Murray's Fly Shop R&D Department
Yesterday afternoon we headed to the river with the Hyde Skiff in tow to try out Scott’s “Switch Rod” the T2H 10′ 8 Weight fly rod. Â It was a bit chilly so we only tried it for an hour or two but in that time, I am pleased to report, it performed quite well and was a joy to cast either single handed or with two hands. Â I can’t wait to try it out on the river when the thermometer is a few more degrees above freezing.
Harry and the T2H
As many of you already know about the spey style lines, it is difficult to mend at the longer distances so Popper Fishing to Smallmouth Bass on the river will not be this rod’s strong suite. Â This rod does however show very strongly in the down and across streamer fishing with our heavily weighted streamers like the Magnum Chub or Bluegill as well as those streamers with less weight.
For those of you who have not tried the two handed “Switch Rods” I think one of the biggest advantages of these rods is the ability to pick up and cast longer lines with significantly less effort than you needed with a standard single handed fly rod. Â If you find yourself with trees in the way on your backcast this rod will make casting much easier since you use a “modified” roll cast with two hands. Â The need to cast longer distances in windy conditions is made easier by the simple fact that these rods require fewer casts to reach those distances. Â The benefit of greater drag control is a given with the longer rod lengths. Â So, while two handed casting is not necessary for every situation, these rods will let you cover the water more thoroughly in a wider variety of circumstances.
Harry with a bit of snow on his boots!