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The Best Five Smallmouth Bass Flies for Summer Fly Fishing

I am very confident that these five smallmouth bass flies will give me excellent fly fishing in 2017 from July until October. This is because last year they gave me the best bass fishing I have had in many years.

Murray’s Crayfish size 6
Shenandoah Chartreuse Chugger size 4 and size 6
Murray’s Magnum Hog Sucker Streamer size 4
Shenandoah Blue Popper size 4 and size 6
Murray’s Magnum Darter Streamer size 4

During summer, as the sun intensifies I catch most of my bass in the middle of the day along the heavily shaded banks. This is where the water is three to five feet deep over cobblestone streambottoms. However, my very best fishing is at dawn and dusk in the tails of the pools. My standard  leader for smallmouth bass fishing is the Murray’s Bright Butt 9 foot 2X Leader.

My Three Effective Hard Head Smallmouth Bass Bugs

My Three Effective Hard Head Smallmouth Bass Bugs:

(1) The Shenandoah Chugger has a fat body with a deeply cut face with which we can make a great racket to lure bass from deep runs.

(2) The Shenandoah Slider has a a slim body with a long painted nose enabling us to tease strikes from large bass in the shallows.

(3) The Shenandoah Popper with its up-sloping face and long tapered body helps us create a broad variety of actions. It enables us to successfully fish many different feeding stations.