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Selecting a Fly Rod for Freshwater Fly Fishing

Selecting a Fly Rod for Freshwater Fly Fishing Blog- Murray’s Fly Shop

The easiest way for me to select a fly rod for freshwater fly fishing is to first determine the size flies I plan to use on that rod. Once I know this I know what size fly line I should use. This tells me what weight fly rod I should use. The length of the fly rod is determined by how low the overhead canopy is on the stream.

Suppose I am in a hurry as I head for my Jeep to go to a small mountain trout stream. I accidentally pick up my seven weight 9 foot bass rod and reel. I do not realize my mistake until I get to the stream sixty miles away. Driving back home to get the correct outfit is not a option. I try to make do with my seven weight fly rod outfit. Even if I can find a 6X trout leader in my vest, the bass outfit with the seven weight line cannot give me the accuracy and delicacy I need with the small trout flies. I probably will not catch any trout.

Conversely, suppose I pick up my three weight trout outfit by mistake as I head to my favorite smallmouth bass river. By chance I have some size 6 bass streamers and Chuggers in my vest and one 9 foot 2X Leader. Even with this leader on my three weight line it is very difficult to cast the size 6 bass flies properly.The three weight line lacks the mass to cast those large flies and my fishing is a disaster.

Simply stated, my standard rule is a great help for me personally and for the students in my fly fishing schools. That is: The fly size governs the fly line size. The fly line size govern the rod weight size and the overhead canopy governs the length of the rod.

Selecting a Fly Rod Podcast

Selecting a Fly Rod Podcast by Harry Murray
February 2018

This month since the streams are still a little too cold I have decided to do a podcast on selecting a fly rod.  In this discussion I will go through the  different types of fishing, what fly rods I prefer to use for each, and why.

  • Small Mountain Trout Streams–Years ago I developed the Murray’s Mountain Trout Rod (which Scott Rod Company makes for me).  This rod is 6ft 10in, 3-weight, 3pc and will comfortably cast flies size 24 to size 10. It is short enough to cast under tree limbs and balanced with a 3 weight fly line it provides great accuracy and delicacy from 15 to 50 feet.
  • Spring Creek Trout Fishing–The new Scott G Series 9ft 4-weight 4pc rod is my favorite rod for spring creeks in the Rockies as well as in the East. I comfortably fish size 24 pseudocleon with it on 7X leaders and swim nymphs up to size 8 with it on 4X.
  • Blog on Selecting a Fly Rod
    Selecting a Fly Rod–The Scott G Series 904/4 gives great accuracy and delicacy on spring creek s whether you are fishing a size 24 Baetis or size 12 Letort Hopper.
  • Large Trout Streams–The Scott Radian 9ft 6-weight 4pc is my favorite for fishing the large trout streams.  My son gave me this rod as a present several years ago and I have used it on the Yellowstone many times.  I can delicately fish a size 22 Blue Wing Olive on a 6X leader when the hatch is on and then switch to a size 6 streamer on a fast sinking head when the hatch is over.
  • Bass Streams–The Scott Radian 9ft 7-weight 4pc. rod is my favorite for any bass river I might be on. Its smooth action and great damping action enables me to make long casts with great accuracy. It is easy to cast a tight loop in order to cast poppers below overhanging tree limbs to drift them along the river banks. I can easily fish poppers as large as size 4 and nymphs as small as size 10.
  • Saltwater Fishing–The Scott Meridian 9ft 8-weight 4pc is an excellent bonefish rod. Its control and smooth power enable me to buck the wind and make the long cast that we used to have to go to a 9 weight rod to achieve.

Now keep in mind, these are the personal rods that I use but there are many other rods on the market that will do the same thing for the type fishing you plan to do.  I have several fly rod and reel outfits available in the fly shop that will meet your needs and your budget.  So if you need help deciding on an outfit, just get in touch with me and I will be glad to help you.