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Fly Tying Video – Tying the Shenk’s White Streamer

Fly Tying Video – Tying the Shenk’s White Streamer

In this Fly Tying Video Jordan demonstrates how to tie the Shenk’s White Streamer.

Materials used to tie the Shenk’s White Streamer:
White Marabou
White Rabbit Fur (dubbed on with dubbing loop)
Mustad 9672 #6 (also great in sizes 2, 4, 8, 10)
Lead Wire or non-Toxic Wire (Medium or Large depending on weight needed)
3/0 Thread

Having trouble with your dubbing loop?  The Dubbing Twister Set used in this video is the easiest way to master dubbing loops for any of your fly tying needs.  It works great for natural and synthetic materials.  You will find it works well with standard thread from 3/0 – 6/0 or kevlar.
Do you have questions or comments? Need help with tying this fly? Give us a call (540-984-4212) or drop us an email.

New Flies for 2011

NEW for 2011
Murray’s Magnum Chartreuse Streamer (size 4) $2.95

The Murray’s Chartreuse Marauder which I put on the market ten years ago has been so effective I decided to add this larger, more elaborate pattern to our Magnum Series. Use this as a change of pace fly with a fast stripping action when your regular flies are not working.