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Stream Thermometer

Stream Thermometer- Murray's Fly Shop- Edinburg, Virginia
I rely greatly on my Stream Thermometer in order to find good fishing.

Stream Thermometer- Murray’s Fly Shop- Edinburg, Virginia

I use my stream thermometer every day when I am on a trout stream and a smallmouth bass river.  This information gives me a more complete picture of why the fishing is as I find it that day. This helps me greatly on future fishing trips.
For example, if I get a reading of 36 degrees Fahrenheit on a mountain trout stream in the spring I know I will do best by fishing nymphs rather than drys . This is because the trout do not feed well at this low temperature.  Then by August if I get a 68 degrees Fahrenheit reading on a mountain brook trout stream I know I am going to have to fish very carefully because this is approaching the upper range of the brook trout comfort zone.

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Stream Thermometer
Stream Thermometer
I rely strongly on my stream thermometer to help me select proper flies to fish.
I rely strongly on my stream thermometer to help me select proper flies to fish.

My Stream Thermometer is a very important part of my trout and smallmouth bass angling.  For example, on mountain trout streams the first thing I do is take the stream temperature. In early March if it is much below 40 degrees I know I will catch more trout on nymphs than I will on drys. In August a mountain trout stream temperature of 68 degrees in the afternoon means the trout are not going to feed heavily. The next trip I should get there about dawn when the stream may be several degrees cooler.
A smallmouth bass trip early in the spring with a river temperature of 52 degrees tells me to fish my flies slowly along the streambottom.
These stream temperatures go on my calendar at home along with readings over the last twelve years. Checking these helps me plan future trips on where to go and what to use.

Fly Fishing Questions & Answers Part II

Podcast on Fly Fishing Questions

In this fly fishing questions and answers segment (part II)  I will be discussing some of the questions you have presented to me within the last month.

  •  For instance, when the caddisflies are hatching in the mountain trout streams, do you use a dry fly, a nymph, or both?
  • What can I do to avoid getting bit by a snake?  These 3 tips could save you a trip to the emergency room.
  • What is the purpose of using a stream thermometer?  At what temperature will I get better fishing on the mountain trout streams?
  • What is the best tactic to use when fishing the inchworms which are just starting to come out?
  • What is the best technique to get my fly out of a tree?

Products to consider having:

Snake Bite Kit–although I have never had to use mine I carry it faithfully just in case.