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Bass Rod

Jeff Murray and Harry Murray rely on 7 weight rods for our smallmouth bass fishing. The new Scott 9 foot 7 weight 4 piece Radian is our favorite.
Jeff Murray and Harry Murray rely on 7 weight rods for our smallmouth bass fishing. The new Scott 9 foot 7 weight 4 piece Radian is our favorite.

Sure you can land a nice size smallmouth bass on your five weight rod.  However, you are limiting the size of the flies you can cast. I believe a number five line is much too light to cast a size four smallmouth fly smoothly: it becomes work rather than pleasure. I prefer a seven weight 9 foot rod for my smallmouth bass fishing. With this I can easily cast size four flies comfortably and accurately while having the smooth feel to cast the smallest flies.
I especially like the new Scott Radian 9 foot 7 weight 4 piece for its ease in casting and for making long cast when needed. The wonderful damping action of the Radian rods make them the most pleasant rods I have ever used.
The new Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Siege lines are the finest line I have ever used. The ease with which I can pick the bugs up off the stream and the extra distance I can shoot my flies is astounding.

Delicate Presentation

The Scott Radian Fly Rod helps me greatly in casting small flies into the wind.
The Scott Radian Fly Rod helps me greatly in casting small flies into the wind.

When fishing 7X leaders with small flies  a delicate presentation is difficult when the wind is blowing straight into your face.
One option is to relocate so the wind is at a different angle. A second option is to use a low side arm cast to cast under the wind. A third option is cast a low tight loop on your presentation cast with extra power on your delivery. The only problem with this last tactic is that I have seen many excellent anglers slam the fly onto the surface of the stream. This will scare the trout and often puts them down.
I have never seen this slamming of the fly occur with the new Scott Radian Rods.  I assume the wonder damping action of the Radian Rods is responsible for this.  I do know that casting into many powerful head winds in Montana last fall I had no problems with delicate presentations.

New Angler, part D

Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Murray's Fly Shop VA
Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing

“I am new to fly fishing and need advice on rods for freshwater fishing”. This question came in as email and I believe many anglers are at this point.  In  order to answer this in a meaningful way I will discuss the outfits I use in various types of fly fishing and why.  I will break this down into four separate blogs and post one each week:

(A) Small Mountain Streams
(B) Large Eastern Trout Streams and Western Spring Creeks
(C) Large Western Trout Streams
(D) Bass Streams and Lakes

(D) Bass Streams and Lakes
In order to answer my customers email question of, “what fly rod should a beginning angler purchase for freshwater fishing”, this is the fourth segment on what size rods I use.
For my smallmouth bass fishing I use a 9 foot rod because it gives me good drag control. I want this rod to have a strong tip and a medium action butt section that balances with a weight forward 7 weight floating bass line. This rod gives good accuracy in bug placement, excellent distance and is very pleasant to use.
The rods I use for my smallmouth bass fishing are the Scott Flex 9 foot 7 weight 4 piece and Scott Radian 9 foot 7 weight 5 piece.

NEW Scott Radian Fly Rods

Scott Radian Fly Rods

Harry Murray discusses the NEW Scott Radian Fly Rods and why they are so great.  Order yours today!

NEW Scott Radian Fly Rods

Scott Radian Fly Rods

NEW Scott Radian Fly Rods!
The Scott Rod Company has just dropped the curtain on their new Radian Series of fly rods.  The Radian Fly Rods are the perfect blend of power and sensitivity!
Fast action fly rods have always been met with a love-hate relationship in the fly fishing world; you either love them or hate them.  Technology just made a giant leap in the fly fishing world of fast action fly rods.  The Radian does a fantastic job of adding feel to the previous fast action fly rod makeup without sacrificing the attributes that you are looking for in a fast action fly rod.
Long casts, windy conditions, big flies, weighted streamers, heavy lines, roll casts, split shot, big indicators, hoppers, big fish, heavy hook sets, short casts with 6x tippet, accuracy, tight loops – the Radian Fly Rod and Scott’s proprietary ReAct technology, which increase recovery speed and gives these fly rods “feel”, handle the situation beautifully.
Up close and personal: New patented Universal snake guides from American maker Snake Brand match the curve of the fly rod for a perfect fit, beautiful custom reel seats with burled box elder spacers, overlapping ferrules and a premium cork full wells grip.
Made by hand by anglers in Montrose, Colorado, U.S.A.
We have been trying out the Radian rods this week at the fly fishing show in Vegas and expect them to be a hot item for 2014. From an 854/4 to a 1008/4 and everything in between there is a Radian to meet your fishing demands! Don’t be a hater! Come out and cast one or order yours today!