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Popper Casting

Popper Fly Fishing Murray's Fly Shop VA
Picking a bug up quietly off the river can assure a nice fish on the next cast.

When we make a back cast to pick a popping bug up off the stream to make another cast we may cause that popper to make a loud splashing noise that will scare many close by bass, this robbing us of a chance to catch a bass on our next presentation.
A tactic that can prevent this racket on the pick up is to point the fly rod straight at the popper when you are ready to make your back cast and use your line hand to strip in several feet of line that causes the popper to slide gently across the surface of the river. Now, make your back cast and the popper will jump quietly into the air and you will catch the next bass.

Sneaking a Slider

The Murray’s Shenandoah Hard Head Sliders provide an action which often tempt large bass which are not tempted with the normal actions which are possible with standard poppers. The
long slender front taper of this bugs head enables us to impart a gentle teasing action to it which often cannot be resisted by large bass.