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Fly Fishing Questions Podcast

Fly Fishing Questions and Answers Podcast
Skating dry flies for smallmouth bass that are jumping to feed on adult damselflies is one of the most exciting forms of smallmouth fishing. It is so easy to master that many beginning anglers in our smallmouth bass schools catch many bass this way with the Mr. Rapidan Skater Dry Fly (pictured).

My fly fishing questions and answers podcast for December will cover several topics that I have been asked over the last several months.   I will cover the benefits of designing and tying your own flies, especially since the weather will be so cold in the next few days and the streams will be to cold for good fishing.

Also covered in this fly fishing podcast is a technique I use  for small streamers with the bounce retrieve.  I will be covering my three favorite types of popper (hard head bugs) and the best types of fishing each style covers.  Lastly, I will be discussing the smallmouth skaters.

Cool evenings…. Hot Smallmouth Bass

Wading shoe blow out!
Felt soled separation! A tube of Goop and I will be back in business… How about the fishing? The water temperatures in the local rivers have dropped up to 10 degrees in the last 48 hours. This seems to have the Smallmouth Bass feeding a little more aggressively. Take along a long sleeved shirt and stay until dark. Shenandoah Poppers and Mr. Rapidan Skaters have both worked at different times with the hatching hexagenias…