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New Fly Tying book

Murray’s Exclusive Flies 2010 Supplement II book is now available. Murray’s patterns included: Bass Cricket, Magic Caddis Pupas, Magnum Creek Chub, Professor Dry, Sulphur Dry, Blond Bucktail Series, Magnum Bluegill, Miracle Stonefly Nymph, Professor Nymph, Yellow Drake Dry

Be Patient

Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass produced this nice 12 inch smallmouth on a #6 Murray’s Fallfish Streamer
The streams are cold but good water temperatures are right around the corner. We’re catching just enough trout and bass to make us excited about what’s coming in several weeks.

You see a nice trout feeding on the surface ten feet back under an oak tree’s limb that is only a foot off the water. This is a tough place to get a natural drift to catch him but it can be done. You can make a slack line cast upstream of the limb and let the current carry your fly to the trout or make a very low side arm cast and snap your fly back beneath the limb.