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Fly Fishing in Virginia in November & December

Fly Fishing November December
You can still get some good fishing throughout November and December if you know where to go and what to use.

Each year I get asked, “What kind of fly fishing can I expect for November and December in Virginia?’

November and December provide outstanding  fly fishing for large trout and smallmouth bass. However, the cooling streams and the natural foods change the feeding habits of the fish and we get our best results by adjusting our fly selections and angling tactics accordingly.

In order for you to get good fishing I will break down my three favorite forms of angling at this time of the year. First we’ll look at my favorite Pennsylvania fishing, then we’ll discuss Virginia’s Delayed Harvest Streams and large stocked trout streams and finally I’ll cover the smallmouth fishing.

Click here to read more of my fly fishing guide where I cover the stocked trout streams, delayed harvest areas,  and smallmouth rivers.  I go into detail about the techniques to use, what flies to use, fly lines, and fly rods that will help you get the best fishing.

Don’t forget I will be holding fly fishing workshops on Saturdays in my fly shop from 10a.m. to noon.  I cover many topics including fly tying, fly casting, trout fishing, bass fishing and selecting the proper fly rods.  To see the schedule and to sign up…visit our website.

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Fly Fishing Newsletter

November 2016 Fly Fishing Newsletter
When the olives are this thick the trout feed heavily on them.

In this fly fishing newsletter I want to discuss the little olives and the best techniques to catch the large bass.

Trout Fishing–  Vince Marinaro looked me straight in the eyes and exclaimed, “Don’t overlook the little olives, just never overlook the little olives”. He was referring to the multi-brooded beatis and pseudocleon mayfly hatches that can be outstanding in November.

Bass Fishing–For the last several years I’ve been able to fish for smallmouth bass well into November with good success.  My success comes by fishing the deepest pools with a fast sinking head fly line which enables me to swim large streamers slowly along the stream bottom.

To read my entire fly fishing newsletter for November, click here.

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Choosing a Fly Rod – Fly Fishing Article

Choosing a Fly Rod

Fly Fishing Tip: Selecting a Fly Line

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