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Yellowstone National Park Murray's Fly Shop VA
My notes on our pack trip into the Bechler River in the Yellowstone National Park reminded me to do this again… soon!

On a very large yearly calendar on my kitchen wall for the past thirty years I have recorded my daily fishing information as soon as I get back home. Information which I find useful in planning future trips, which include: water temperature, water level, water clarity, hatches, where I fished that day, general success and most effective flies. On my two week fishing trip to distant locations I record where I got the best fishing, where I got the worst fishing, hatches and any unusual information which will help me plan my next trip to that area, such as take warmer clothing.
Perusing these calendars in the off-season brings back many great memories. I also find them invaluable in planning my daily trips and long trips in season.

Water Level vs Water Temperature

In the mountain trout streams there is a balancing interplay between the water temperature and the water level that dictates the feeding habits of the trout. An understanding of this balance will directly influence ones success.

Right now the cold nights are keeping the stream temperatures lower than I’ve often recorded in more than 30 years of stream notes. The nice rains we’ve had this spring are building up the springs and underwater levels which will help us this summer. However this makes for tough fishing in the lower reaches of the streams.

In order to master these conditions and get great dry fly fishing simply come in to the heads of the streams. There are excellent Forest Service roads that will take you to the trail heads in the Appalachian Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive making it easy to reach the trail heads in the Blue Ridge Mountains.