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My Three Favorite Trout Leaders

My Three Favorite Trout Leaders- Murray’s Fly Shop

Here are my three favorite  trout leaders:

(1) Murray’s Classic Knotted Compound Tapered Hand Tied 7.5 foot long Leader. This leader is perfect for small trout streams.

(2) Murray’s Compound Tapered Knotted Hand Tied Nymph 9 foot Leader with a built in Scientific Anglers Indicator. This leader is ideal for nymph fishing.

(3) Murray’s Classic Hand Tied Compound Tapered 9 foot Leader. This is leader is excellent for all dry fly fishing and also streamer fly fishing on large streams.

The tippet size of these leaders is determined by the fly size using this formula:
Fly Size √∑ 3 = Tippet in X

An example is: size 12 fly √∑ 3 = 4X tippet

We also have the Murray’s Classic Leader 9 foot Leader in a 3 pack. These are regular price $15.75 but they are on sale for $10.99.

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