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Fly Fishing Podcast On Leaders and Casting

Fly Fishing Podcast on Leaders and Fly Casting by Harry Murray

In this months Fly Fishing Podcast I am discussing the many different leaders that I have designed and when I use these leaders. All of these leaders are hand tied knotted leaders which I prefer over the knotless leaders.

  • At this time of the year (late February-March) I use a Trout Nymphing Leader that has two Scientific Anglers Indicators on it.  These cast smoothly and work well with my nymphs.
  • In the spring I use a Classic Leader (either a 9ft or 7 1/2 ft.) for my trout fishing.
  • The Bright Butt Leaders I use for my bass fishing from spring to fall.  These leaders have a Scientific Anglers Indicator that I use for strike detection but also as a depth indicator.
  • I use the  Fluorocarbon Leaders for my shooting heads and sinking fly lines.
  • The Bass Bug Leaders  I designed for the fishermen down south that are throwing size 2 or bigger flies.
  • The Big Game Leaders I use in the Outer Banks or for saltwater fishing.
Fly Fishing Podcast on Leaders and Casting
Podcast on Casting–Using popcasts enabled Mr. Downey to achieve great accuracy in this water and to catch many trout.

The second part of this months Fly Fishing Podcast covers the many types of fly casts and a discussion on when and how to achieve the perfect cast.

  • Flip Cast
  • Puddle Cast
  • Lazy S Cast
  • Pendulum Cast
  • Roll Cast Strike

This is also the time of the year that many of you (myself included) like to hike into these remote areas and fish.  I strongly urge you to be prepared before hiking into these remote areas.  First, always have a map of the area you plan to hike/fish in your pocket or vest and keep it with you at all times.  Second, I recommend carrying a Satellite GPS Personal Locator Beacon so that if you should fall or have a medical emergency someone will be able to find you.  DO NOT rely on cell phones for maps or satellite service as many of these remote areas do not have cell phone service.

Selecting a Fly Rod for Freshwater Fly Fishing

Selecting a Fly Rod for Freshwater Fly Fishing Blog- Murray’s Fly Shop

The easiest way for me to select a fly rod for freshwater fly fishing is to first determine the size flies I plan to use on that rod. Once I know this I know what size fly line I should use. This tells me what weight fly rod I should use. The length of the fly rod is determined by how low the overhead canopy is on the stream.

Suppose I am in a hurry as I head for my Jeep to go to a small mountain trout stream. I accidentally pick up my seven weight 9 foot bass rod and reel. I do not realize my mistake until I get to the stream sixty miles away. Driving back home to get the correct outfit is not a option. I try to make do with my seven weight fly rod outfit. Even if I can find a 6X trout leader in my vest, the bass outfit with the seven weight line cannot give me the accuracy and delicacy I need with the small trout flies. I probably will not catch any trout.

Conversely, suppose I pick up my three weight trout outfit by mistake as I head to my favorite smallmouth bass river. By chance I have some size 6 bass streamers and Chuggers in my vest and one 9 foot 2X Leader. Even with this leader on my three weight line it is very difficult to cast the size 6 bass flies properly.The three weight line lacks the mass to cast those large flies and my fishing is a disaster.

Simply stated, my standard rule is a great help for me personally and for the students in my fly fishing schools. That is: The fly size governs the fly line size. The fly line size govern the rod weight size and the overhead canopy governs the length of the rod.