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Selecting a Fly Fishing Rod by Action Part IV

Harry discusses a fast action 3 weight fly rod vs a medium action 3 weight fly rod and the benefits of each under various fly fishing situations. 3 Weight fly rods are one of our most popular and useful fly line sizes in the mountain trout stream fly fishing we have on the east coast.

Fly Rod Suggestions

If you are considering new rods for the coming year for yourself or a family member, base your selection on the flies you plan to fish. Here are the guidelines I use for my personal fishing all across the country.
*Eastern Trout Fishing– I like the delicate 2 or 3 weight fly rods. 8′ or less for the mountain streams.
*Western Trout Fishing– Large rivers I use 9ft. 6 weight fly rods. Spring Creeks I love a 9ft. 4 weight fly rod.
*Bass- 9ft. 7 weight with flies up to size 4. 9ft. 8 weight with mostly size 4 or larger flies. I like both of these to have strong tips and medium butts to help pull the wind resistant streamers and poppers through the air.
*Steelhead/ Alaska Rainbow Trout9 – 10ft. 6 or 7 weight Single Hand fly rods / 11 – 12.5ft switch (two-hand or single hand) fly rods in 6 – 8 weight. I prefer a fly rod with a medium butt and strong tip for better roll casting as well as casting heavily weighted streamers.
*Saltwater9ft. 8 weight fly rod for bonefish, schoolie stripers, brackish water largemouth bass. 9ft. 9 weight for bluefish, rockfish, cobia, permit, trout, puppy drum, etc. 9ft. 12 weight fly rod for Tarpon.