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Fly Fishing Podcast for December 2016

Charlie Brooks with Harry Murray
Charlie Brooks taught Harry Murray a great deal about trout fishing on the big western rivers.

In m December Fly Fishing Podcast I am going to discuss the trout fishing and the bass fishing that we can expect to see over the next month and the best tactics to use.

December can provide some excellent fly fishing for large browns and rainbows in large trout streams all across the country.  In order to take advantage of this great action my friend Charlie encouraged using a two or three nymph rig fished along the stream bottom in the areas where the stream bottom was covered with many basketball size stones.  I still use this method today along with my Swing Nymphing Method when fishing in smaller trout streams.  The most effective flies that I discuss in the fly fishing podcast for trout include: Murray’s Roadkill Nymph, Black size 6 & 8, Casual Dress Nymph size 6 & 8, Murray’s Strymph, Olive size 4 & 8, Bitch Creek Nymph size 6 & 8, Mr. Rapidan Bead Head Nymph size 14, Murray’s Dark Stonefly Nymph size 12, Murray’s Caddis Larva size 14, and Murray’s Yellow Stonefly Nymph size 14

Since the bass fishing has slowed down I want to discuss an effective approach for developing and tying your own bass flies that will help you catch more bass in your own waters. A logical starting point is to consider the areas you fish and look at the specific flies you fish in each situation and are these flies productive or not.  I will be discussing my Murray’s Hellgrammite, Strymph, Magnum Streamer Series, and Floating Minnows.

Workshop on Fly Tying
If you are interested in tying your own flies, then consider taking one of my fly fishing workshops.

My next fly tying class will be on Saturday, January 14 from 10a.m. to noon at Murray’s Fly Shop.
For more information visit our website or stop by my fly shop at
121 S. Main St, Edinburg VA 22824    Ph 540-984-4212

Scientific Anglers Indicators

Scientific Anglers Indicators
Scientific Anglers Indicators

Many years ago when I showed Howard West, an executive with Scientific Anglers, how I made these with old fly lines. He was very excited and offered to build a hollow version and put them on the market as Scientific Anglers Indicators.  Today it is my favorite indicator because it preforms many invaluable angling functions in addition to detecting strikes.  Some of these include being  a depth gauge when swing nymphing, tippet locator when using a back up drift streamer technique, fly-locator when fishing midges on long leaders, depth gauge when using the escape streamer technique and strike detector when using a dead drifting nymph technique.  Many of you who have taken my “On the Stream Schools” will be familiar with these ways of using the Scientific Anglers Indicators.

Fly Fishing Questions Podcast

Fly Fishing Questions and Answers Podcast
“Swing Nymphing” will enable you to fish your nymph deeper than any method you can use with a floating line. Even beginning angles in our schools quickly master this technique.

This months fly fishing question and answers podcast includes Harry Murray discussing the swing nymphing technique used with Scientific Angler Indicators, hook sharpening files, barbless vs. barbed hooks, landing nets, and what insect repellent can do to your favorite fly rod.

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Winter Fly Fishing Workshop: Mastering Nymph Fishing for Trout

Winter Workshop: Mastering Nymph Fly Fishing for Trout Fly Fishing with Nymphs is one of the most productive methods of taking trout throughout the country and around the world.  Using a slide show we will have an in depth discussion about the fine points governing the techniques, tackle and effective nymphs which are productive for trout in mountain trout streams, large trout streams and spring creeks.  We will cover dead drift nymphing, swing nymphing, czech nymphing, strike detection, and how to make your indicators work (for you).  To register: Give us a call at the fly shop (540-984-4212) or register online.