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Mastering Trout Nymph Fishing


Mayfly Nymph Murray's Fly Shop VA Fly Fishing
One can often catch many trout in high cold water by using nymph patterns which match the natural insects.

Here is how you can easily solve the dilemma of trout nymph fishing. On a day when you have caught several dozen trout on dry flies you know they are feeding well. Now, replace the dry fly with a nymph and continue fishing the same sections of the pools. If you do not continue catching as many trout as you did with dry’s the reason is very simple: You are getting strikes but not detecting them.
I find that the new Murray’s Trout Nymph leader with its special knotted taper and two Scientific Anglers Indicators spaced along it is a great help in discerning the strikes.
As the nymph drifts naturally along the stream bottom be sure to retrieve the line with long line hand strips. Short pulls mask the strike. When you see the strike set the hook quickly with both the line hand and the rod.

Tap Strike

When you are fishing streamers across stream in rivers holding large browns you will often get a very fast “tap strike”. This is so fast there is no way you can set the hook even if you want to. But, this is often followed in one or two seconds by a powerful and jolting strike as a very large brown takes your streamer. Now is your time to set the hook with gusto with both your rod and line hand. I cannot count the number of large browns I caught this way.

Strikes 2009…

Filmed throughout the 2009 fly fishing season from Virginia to Alaska and many parts in between. We were fortunate enough to find a few willing participants for this video.

What’s Happening in 2010

We are working on a video to introduce a few new products for 2010. It will include a few new rods, flies and wading gear. In the next few days you will see our 2010 New Products Video and in the coming weeks a few new videos like: Fishing and Eating through the Patagonia Region of Argentina, 2009 In Review, 2009 Hosted Trip to Alaska and a MFS Exclusive Video entitled “Strikes”. After quite a few inquiries we have decided to give John and his Shenandory their own blog for 2010.