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Fly Fishing Questions & Answers October 2016

Harry Murray's Question and Answer Podcast
The Murray’s Mr. Rapidan Parachute Dry Fly from size 14 to size 20 is my favorite dry fly because it seldom lets me down.

Each month Harry Murray discusses some fly fishing questions that he is asked through emails and phone calls.  This month he discusses the advantages to using a wading staff and snake bite kits, how to clean and waterproof your dry flies with Murray’s Dry Fly Floatant, and dressing your leaders.   Also, how was the Mr. Rapidan Dry Fly and Murray’s Hellgrammite pattern developed?

You can tie your own Murray’s Hellgrammites by using our fly tying kit. Interested in learning fly tying–consider our fly tying workshop on Saturday, November 19 from 10a.m. to noon.

Fly Fishing Questions & Answers Part II

Podcast on Fly Fishing Questions

In this fly fishing questions and answers segment (part II)  I will be discussing some of the questions you have presented to me within the last month.

  •  For instance, when the caddisflies are hatching in the mountain trout streams, do you use a dry fly, a nymph, or both?
  • What can I do to avoid getting bit by a snake?  These 3 tips could save you a trip to the emergency room.
  • What is the purpose of using a stream thermometer?  At what temperature will I get better fishing on the mountain trout streams?
  • What is the best tactic to use when fishing the inchworms which are just starting to come out?
  • What is the best technique to get my fly out of a tree?

Products to consider having:

Snake Bite Kit–although I have never had to use mine I carry it faithfully just in case.


The rattlesnakes and copperheads are starting to come out. Although they are not going to keep me from fishing, I am cautious along the streams—especially along the mountain trout streams. Here are three rules I try to follow. 1) Don’t walk through thick laurel or deep weeds where you cannot see where you are stepping. 2) Don’t reach over ledges or boulders to pull yourself up the stream if you cannot see where you are putting your hands. (I almost crawled into two snakes in two weeks this way). 3) Don’t step across large logs on the ground until you carefully look on the far side to be sure you don’t have company. Just to play it safe I always carry a Sawyer Snake Bite Kit in my vest.