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New Scientific Anglers Fly Line

Scientific Anglers Sink Tip III Fly Line Murray's Fly Shop VA
Scientific Anglers Sink Tip III Fly Line

Part One Blog on Scientific Anglers Sonar Sink Tip Fly Line

Scientific Anglers New Sonar Sink Tip 3 Fly Line which sinks at 2.50 to 4.25 inches per second is an excellent fly line for both trout and bass fishing. This enables us to fish nymphs and streamers much deeper than is possible with a floating fly line. Due to the new taper it casts just as smoothly as the weight forward floating fly line. We stock this in all weights from 5 through 8. I use the Murray’s Fluorocarbon Sinking 6 foot Leader on these fly lines. This replaces the Scientific Anglers Sonar Sink Tip III Sinking Tip Fly Line.

Three Bass Fly Lines

Fly fishing at the water temperature we have in October (50’s) using the correct fly line wil help you catch the largest bass.

At this time of the year I make sure I carry three different style fly lines in order to fish my flies at the depth required to catch bass at all depths in which they might feed.

1. I use a floating fly line in order to catch them in shallow water and when they feed on the surface.
2. I use a Scientific Anglers Mastery Sink Tip III Fly Line to fish the fast runs and moderately deep water.
3. I use a Teeny 200 Sinking Head Fly Line in order to fish the deepest pools.