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Late Day Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing

Late in the day when the sun gets below the horizon many large smallmouth bass move down onto the tails of the pools to feed on the abundance of natural minnows that live here. Apparently, they are simply more comfortable in the low light level.
You can approach these pool tails from the riffles below them or from the side of the river… Just be sure to wade carefully and slowly so you don’t send out telltale waves that will spook the fish. I can assure you that large bass feeding in water which is two feet deep are very wary. Also be willing to punch out long casts to help from scaring them.
Productive flies in the pool tails at dusk are Shenk’s White Streamer 6, Murray’s Floating Chub 6, Murray’s Floating Dace 6 and Murray’s Dying Chub 6.
If you are fly fishing a section of a river which you fish often, mentally mark the specific areas where you are successful because on future trips these same spots will probably hold big bass.