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Music in the Mountains

Music in the Mountains Blog- Murray’s Fly Shop- Edinburg, Virginia

The next time you hike into a mountain trout stream from a ridge high up on the mountain, pause before descending far down the trail.  Listen to see if you can hear the stream far below. Possibly you will discern a subtle low rumble that may remind you of the low notes of a tuba.  Descend further and you may detect more of the flowing of the stream resembling a French Horn picking up the tune. Another thousand feet down the trail, as you approach the stream, the gurgling melody of the stream resembles a clarinet picking up the lead.
This music of the trout stream accompanied by the beautiful melodies of the songbirds is a wonderful reward nature provides in the mountains.

Check out our Mountain Trout On-The-Stream Fly Fishing Schools.

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Fly Fishing in April

Fly Fishing in April Podcast by Harry Murray

Fly Fishing in April is one of my favorite times to get out and explore the trout fishing in the Shenandoah National Park.  These small brook trout streams are beautiful and there are many aquatic insects that hatch on these streams now.  By using flies that match the hatches you can have a wonderful day of fishing. Listen to my podcast to see what’s hatching or check out the hatch charts in my book Trout Fishing in the Shenandoah National Park.
Recommended Trout Flies: Mr. Rapidan Parachute Dry #14, Blue Quill Dry #16, Mr. Rapidan Soft Hackle Brown #14, Mr. Rapidan Olive Delta Wing Caddis #14, Murrays Olive Caddis Pupa #14

Fly Fishing for Bass in April
By fishing the “bank bay” feeding stations with a Murray’s Crayfish at this time of the year you can catch many large bass.

Fly Fishing for Bass in April

In the second part of this months fly fishing podcast I discuss some special tactics and flies that will help you catch many large bass from some special feeding areas that we now have.  By using heavy weighted flies you can reach these areas and possibly catch your biggest bass of the season.
Recommended Bass  Flies  Murray’s Crayfish #6, Murray’s Tungsten Cone Head Marauder Olive #4, Murray’s Tungsten Cone Head Marauder Black #4

Fly Casting Workshop–NEW DATES

Since our fly casting workshops have been so popular I have formed two new dates.   May 6 & May 20.  These are two hour workshops that will help you get the basics of fly casting.  More information…click here.

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Virginia Fly Fishing Stream Report Podcast – March 2016

Matching the Hatch
Harry gets his best trout fishing by matching his flies to the natural insects.

In this Virginia Fly Fishing  Stream Report, Harry Murray discusses the trout fishing in March including the natural nymphs that are active early in the month and what flies to use to match the hatch.  He also discusses the importance of the water temperature and how this prompts the nymphs to emerge into the adult flies.

Recommended Fly: Mr. Rapidan Parachute Dry
Recommended Leader: Classic 7 1/2ft 5X Knotted leader or Trout Nymph Leader

In the second portion Harry discusses the specific locations in the rivers where you can expect to find bass in March along with the best tactics and flies that are effective.

Recommended Fly Line for Bass Fishing: Scientific Anglers Sonar Sink Head 30 Warm  with a Murray’s 6ft 2X Fluorocarbon Leader

Which Dry Fly to Use??

Mr Rapidan Parachute Dry Fly Fishing

Which dry fly to use?  It’s a question often asked by many even experienced anglers.  Many mountain trout streams have good hatches of stenonema vicarium mayflies at this time and the trout feed heavily on both the duns and the spinners. Fish a Mr. Rapidan Parachute Dry 14 both to the rising trout and as a searching pattern and you’ll get great action.


William Downey at age 99 draws on his experience from 80 years of trout fishing for brookies in the Shenandoah National Park and stocked trout in Stoney Creek.

On-The-Stream Brook Trout Fly Fishing Schools

Shenandoah National Park Native Brook Trout Fly Fishing
Typical SNP Brook Trout

We are currently filling our Mountain Trout On-The-Stream Schools which take place in the Shenandoah National Park.  These schools focus on the tactics and techniques for catching trout in high gradient streams.  We are blessed with great numbers of Native Brook Trout throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains and these schools focus on the intricacies involved in catching these beautiful fish.  Bring your lunch, license raincoat and waders/ hip boots and we will bring the rods/ reels and fishing guides.  We start each day with a slide show then head to the stream for some real world classroom lessons.
The dates for these schools are: April 4-5April 14-15April 18-19May 2-3
Register Online or give it a go the old fashioned way, 540-984-4212 and talk to one of us.

A hint of Spring

A sure sign of Spring!!
The maple trees along the river are pushing their buds and the crocus have arrived.  I usually think of  the first hatching Quill Gordon Mayfly’s in the Shenandoah National Park arriving about 10 days or so after the crocus in my yard.  The fishing continues to be slow due to cool stream temps as a result of the melting snow.  The best success on the mountain streams will be found in the lower stretches over the next week and if you can find a south facing area all the better.

The Brookies are feeding and Mayflies are hatching

Fish Food! Mayflies anyone??
Fish Food! Mayflies anyone??

Great Fly Fishing awaits! The Brook Trout in the Blue Ridge Mountains are feeding like crazy! Expect to find a lot of hatching mayflies: March Browns, Light Cahills, Gray Fox’s, Little Yellow Stoneflies and Caddis Flies are coming off in abundance on many of these streams! If you are waiting for the fishing to get good…. You are about to miss it. A Mr. Rapidan Dry #14 or #16 or #16 Murray’s Little Yellow Stonefly fished on 5x tippet with a drag free drift is unstoppable! Check out the Trout Fishing Report at www.Murraysflyshop.com