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Selecting a Fly Rod Podcast

Selecting a Fly Rod Podcast by Harry Murray
February 2018

This month since the streams are still a little too cold I have decided to do a podcast on selecting a fly rod.  In this discussion I will go through the  different types of fishing, what fly rods I prefer to use for each, and why.

  • Small Mountain Trout Streams–Years ago I developed the Murray’s Mountain Trout Rod (which Scott Rod Company makes for me).  This rod is 6ft 10in, 3-weight, 3pc and will comfortably cast flies size 24 to size 10. It is short enough to cast under tree limbs and balanced with a 3 weight fly line it provides great accuracy and delicacy from 15 to 50 feet.
  • Spring Creek Trout Fishing–The new Scott G Series 9ft 4-weight 4pc rod is my favorite rod for spring creeks in the Rockies as well as in the East. I comfortably fish size 24 pseudocleon with it on 7X leaders and swim nymphs up to size 8 with it on 4X.
  • Blog on Selecting a Fly Rod
    Selecting a Fly Rod–The Scott G Series 904/4 gives great accuracy and delicacy on spring creek s whether you are fishing a size 24 Baetis or size 12 Letort Hopper.
  • Large Trout Streams–The Scott Radian 9ft 6-weight 4pc is my favorite for fishing the large trout streams.  My son gave me this rod as a present several years ago and I have used it on the Yellowstone many times.  I can delicately fish a size 22 Blue Wing Olive on a 6X leader when the hatch is on and then switch to a size 6 streamer on a fast sinking head when the hatch is over.
  • Bass Streams–The Scott Radian 9ft 7-weight 4pc. rod is my favorite for any bass river I might be on. Its smooth action and great damping action enables me to make long casts with great accuracy. It is easy to cast a tight loop in order to cast poppers below overhanging tree limbs to drift them along the river banks. I can easily fish poppers as large as size 4 and nymphs as small as size 10.
  • Saltwater Fishing–The Scott Meridian 9ft 8-weight 4pc is an excellent bonefish rod. Its control and smooth power enable me to buck the wind and make the long cast that we used to have to go to a 9 weight rod to achieve.

Now keep in mind, these are the personal rods that I use but there are many other rods on the market that will do the same thing for the type fishing you plan to do.  I have several fly rod and reel outfits available in the fly shop that will meet your needs and your budget.  So if you need help deciding on an outfit, just get in touch with me and I will be glad to help you.

NEW Scott Radian Fly Rods

Scott Radian Fly Rods

Harry Murray discusses the NEW Scott Radian Fly Rods and why they are so great.  Order yours today!

Fly Fishing: Made in the USA

Fly Fishing Equipment Made in the USA

Are you looking for fly fishing products which are made in the USA?  We are pleased that many of our products are made in the USA. Many of these will make a wonderful gift:
*Murray’s Mountain Trout Rod made by Scott Fly Rod Co.
*Murray’s Bass Rods 907B and 908B made by Scott Fly Rod Co.
*All of our Scott Fly Rods
*The Winston BIIIX Fly Rods and GVX Fly Rods
*Ross Vexsis, CLA & Momentum Fly Reels
*Simms Waders
Most of the fly fishing books I’ve written, including: Trout Fishing in the Shenandoah National Park, His Blessings Through Angling, all four of my Fly Tying Books, and all four of my books of collections of my essays.
*Our Murray’s Classic Leaders and Bright Butt Leaders
*Our custom hand-tied flies including: Hellgrammites, Marauders, Strymphs, Magnum Streamers, Road Kill Nymphs, Madtoms, Blonds, Murray’s Stonefly Nymphs and Drys, Murray’s Caddis Pupa, Mr. Rapidan Bead Head Nymphs and Mr. Rapidan Ants.

Another trip for our new Hyde Skiff

December 4, 2009 North Fork Trip
Preparing to launch the Hyde Skiff
With snow in the forecast and tomorrow’s high of 35 degrees, our smallmouth bass fly fishing might be coming to an end. It seems that the extra water from Wednesday’s rain slowed the fish on the North Fork of the Shenandoah a bit more than last week. We landed two fish in three hours and needed a Hi-D Head to achieve success. The water temperature was 48 degrees. However, we are enjoying our new Hyde Rocky Mountain Skiff more and more!!

New Scott S4 – 907/4

I tested the new Scott S4 907/4 fly rod last night and …. I am impressed.
Powerful Rod – Cast the entire SA Sharkskin fly line with a moderate breeze blowing from left to right. Strong yet delicate and very responsive.
Delicate Enough – Not so “stiff” an action that you will break off fish on lighter tippets (attn: steelheaders and deep nymphers)
Not a Dry Fly Rod – If you want to cast #20 BWO’s or #22 Midges forget it – but who wants to do that with a 7 weight anyway?

  • Quality Materials – REC Recoil Nickel Titanium Snake Guides, Fuji SiC Concept Strippers in real Titanium Frames, REC Custom Reel Seats with Extra Select California Buckeye Burl Wood Spacers
  • Extra Touches – Measuring Wraps and Alignment Dots
  • Lightweight – 3.8 oz (Rod Tested)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Cost: $675
  • More Information
  • Overview: The S4 Series is a fast action series for the serious angler who either prefers a faster action rod or requires a faster action for their specific application. The rod I tested was a 7 weight -our primary Smallmouth Bass Rod size. I feel this rod will preform well in any situation that calls for a 7 weight (Big Rainbow Trout, Big Brown Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Heavy Streamer or Nymph Fishing, etc.). Would I use this rod myself? Yes definitely, just as soon as this cold snap goes away…..