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Fly Fishing Tips Podcast

Fly Fishing Podcast – Fly Fishing Tips by Harry Murray

November 2017 Questions and Answers Podcast

In November’s Fly Fishing Tips Podcast discusses various tips that customers have asked for help with over the last several months.

  • The importance of drinking plenty of water even in the winter time while hiking so that you do not get dehydrated while you are out in the backwoods.
  • Benefits of using a pop strike to help you drift the fly right over the trout naturally and catching the trout without stressing it.
  • Designing new flies that you can use in the next season. Winter time is the best time to tie your flies for the upcoming season. Our next basic fly tying class is January 6.
  • The misconceptions on leaders and tippet.  When you purchase a leader, do you need to add tippet to the leader?  Absolutely not!  Find out when you will need to add tippet to the leader in this podcast.
  • Standard Hook Sizes–How can you tell what size hook you have in your fly tying box.
  • Winterizing your fly rod to keep the ice off the guides while fishing your favorite trout stream using either Glide Line Dressing or Scientific Anglers Line Dressing
  • Discussion on flip casts and false casting
  • Advantages of having a hide-a-key hidden when out on a remote stream fishing
Fly Fishing Tips by Harry Murray
In order to help prevent my fly rod from collecting ice in the guides during the winter, I clean it good and often by dressing it with a line dressing then rubbing it down.


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Saturday, December 9, 2017 from 10a.m. to noon, I will be conducting a class on fishing the Shenandoah National Park–best techniques and streams. Space is limited so sign up today!