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Good Nymph Fisherman

Good Nymph Fly Fisherman Blog- Murray’s Fly Shop- Edinburg, Virginia

I have a friend who is an especially good nymph fisherman. Whether we are fishing the Madison River for browns or the Blue Ridge Mountains for brook trout, he catches many nice trout.  He does this by fishing nymphs upstream dead drift.
When watching him, I detect a common trait which is a landmark of many serious nymph anglers. That is, at some point in the last half of the drift he sets the hook on the majority of the casts. Does this mean he is getting this many strikes from trout? No, but when he is not getting a strike, he is bumping the streambottom with the nymph.
This tells me that we should all consider fishing out nymphs deeply with a natural drift.

Fly Fishing Techniques | Sinking Nymphs

If you have trouble getting your nymphs to sink quickly as soon as you make your presentation casts you may by whipping them dry when you make false casts as you make your measuring casts. An easy way to correct this problem is to make your presentation casts on your first forward cast as you pick your nymph up from the last drift.

Deep Trout Fly Fishing – Big Nymphs

Many brown trout begin feeding actively in the large streams in the fall. One of my most productive tactics to catch these trout is to fish a big nymph such as a Bitch Creek Nymph 8 or a Murray’s Olive Road Kill Nymph 8 upstream dead drift right below the heaviest riffles. I started doing this many years ago on the Yellowstone River just upstream of Livingston, Montana and even my guide, Ray Hurley, could not believe how many large trout fell to this tactic.
I wade into the riffle corner 100 feet below the riffle and fly fish these big nymphs upstream so they drift back downstream on a dead drift just like a real nymph would if he were caught by the current. I like to keep my cast shorter than 30 feet because it is imperative to see these strikes on my indicator system. To help see these strikes I use our Bright Butt Leaders and space two Scientific Angler Indicators along them.
I fish these riffles thoroughly by wading as far out in the river as possible and wade upstream as long as the riffle is three feet deep.

Winter Fly Fishing Workshop: Mastering Nymph Fishing for Trout

Winter Workshop: Mastering Nymph Fly Fishing for Trout Fly Fishing with Nymphs is one of the most productive methods of taking trout throughout the country and around the world.  Using a slide show we will have an in depth discussion about the fine points governing the techniques, tackle and effective nymphs which are productive for trout in mountain trout streams, large trout streams and spring creeks.  We will cover dead drift nymphing, swing nymphing, czech nymphing, strike detection, and how to make your indicators work (for you).  To register: Give us a call at the fly shop (540-984-4212) or register online.