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New Flies for 2011

NEW for 2011
Murray’s Floating Chub Minnow (sizes 4 & 6) $3.95

I’ve been using numerous versions of this fly for the last 8 years and I am now very pleased with this pattern. It is very durable and it is one of the most productive smallmouth flies I have ever used. Last August I caught over a dozen large bass one evening in the tail of one pool at dusk on this Floating Chub Minnow. I like to fish this upstream and retrieve it just slightly faster than the current.

New Flies for 2011

We’ve added nine new flies for smallmouth bass and two for carp. Several of these I designed at the request of our guides, but most of these patterns I designed after a great deal of experimenting by my son, Jeff and I. We’ve been fishing and redesigning some of these for over five years with a goal of consistently catching large smallmouth bass under a broad variety of stream conditions. Over the next several weeks I’ll discuss these on our blog.

Murray’s Magnum Hog Sucker (size 4) $2.95
Last summer when a huge smallmouth bass chased an eight inch long hog sucker up on a gravel bar and then ate him when he flopped back into the river, all within 30 feet of me, I decided to develop a streamer to match the hog sucker. Fish these along the gravel bars and in the pockets below the riffles.