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Find the Good Water

Mountain Trout Fly Fishing Murray's Fly Shop Virginia
Blue Ridge Mountains
Mountain Trout Fly Fishing Murray's Fly Shop VA
I have often gotten excellent fishing on the mountain streams in the Rockies by hoking into the remote headwaters.

Late last summer I drove a long distance to fish a mountain trout stream.  When I arrived at the lower end of the stream, I was surprised to find it was very discolored as a result of recent rains. Checking my topographic maps I noticed that two substantial feeder streams entered my stream just a mile upstream. By hiking up the trail beside the main stream until I got upstream of the two feeder streams, I found clear water and had outstanding fishing.
On a different trip to a different stream the high stream level forced me to hike several miles upstream to where a nice little feeder brook entered the main stream. I had never fished this little feeder brook before, but that day I had one of the finest days of dry fly fishing I have ever experienced.  Often you are rewarded with outstanding fishing after a short hike.

Caddisflies Tandem Rig

Dry fly with a nymph dropper
A combination dry fly with a nymph dropper is effective in many cases.

At this time of the year caddisflies are very active. Frequently each evening there are adults returning to the streams to deposit eggs as well as emerging adults from the stream. For every adult we see drifting along the surface of the stream there are possibly a dozen pupa drifting just below the surface of the stream preparing to hatch into an adult.
A good way to cash in on this great action is to attach a Mr. Rapidan Delta Wing Dry Caddis to the leader and then attach a two foot strand of tippet material to the bend of the dry fly hook with an improved clinch knot. To this attach a Murray’s Caddis Pupa. On large trout streams and smallmouth rivers I fish this rig across stream with a slow twitching action. On small mountain trout streams I fish this rig upstream dead drift.

On-The-Stream Brook Trout Fly Fishing Schools

Shenandoah National Park Native Brook Trout Fly Fishing
Typical SNP Brook Trout

We are currently filling our Mountain Trout On-The-Stream Schools which take place in the Shenandoah National Park.  These schools focus on the tactics and techniques for catching trout in high gradient streams.  We are blessed with great numbers of Native Brook Trout throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains and these schools focus on the intricacies involved in catching these beautiful fish.  Bring your lunch, license raincoat and waders/ hip boots and we will bring the rods/ reels and fishing guides.  We start each day with a slide show then head to the stream for some real world classroom lessons.
The dates for these schools are: April 4-5April 14-15April 18-19May 2-3
Register Online or give it a go the old fashioned way, 540-984-4212 and talk to one of us.

Mayflies are still available

Late Evening Mayfly Hatch
Late Evening Mayfly Hatch

There are still a few mayflies available to the Brook Trout in the mountain streams throughout our area. These Mayflies hatch predominately late in the evening, so plan your trip accordingly. Also expect to find a Little Yellow Stoneflies and Caddis coming off the water. 5x Tippet material will do the trick as long as you stay down low and DON’T spook the fish.