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Why the Mr. Rapidan?

Mr. Rapidan Dry Fly
Mr. Rapidan Dry Fly

Many years ago two elderly gentlemen in my advanced fly tying college class made a simple request: Teach us to tie a dry fly that floats like a cork, that we can easily see on the water and that matches many of the early season natural insects. I thought this was a reasonable request and the Mr. Rapidan Dry Fly was born. Today this is my favorite dry fly on the Epeorus pleuralis hatch in size 14, for the Stenomena vicarium hatch in size 14, for the Stenomena fuscum hatch in size 16 and for the Beatis hatch in sizes 18 and 20.
I have now expanded the Mr. Rapidan series to match three different adult caddisflies, two different caddis pupa, two mayfly nymphs, two mayfly emergers, midges, two different soft hackles, terrestrials, streamers and even smallmouth dry flies.
Those two gentlemen had an outstanding idea which has helped hundreds of anglers catch thousands of fish all across the country.

Fly Fishing Chironomid Midges

The Mr. Rapidan Soft Hackle is a great fly to use when the trout are taking emerging midges.

Many trout feed actively on the great number of chironomid midges which hatch at this time of the year. If you see a dimple rise they are taking the adults so show them a Mr. Raidan Dry Midge size 20. While you are fly fishing if you see splashy rises they are taking the emerging midges so fish for them with a Mr. Rapidan Olive Soft Hackle size 16 or a Brassie size 18.

Beatis or Midge

Late in the fall and during the winter you may spot trout feeding on the surface on beatis mayflies or chironomid midges. It is important to discern which they are taking so you fish the correct fly. It is easy to tell the difference if you can catch the fly because the midge has no tail and the mayfly does.