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Fly Fishing Tips July 2017

Fly Fishing Tips Podcast by Harry Murray

Fly Fishing Tips--Charlie Waterman fishing a beaver dam
I’ve seen Charlie Waterman catch one large trout after another by using a slack line cast at this beaver dam.

Today I would like to discuss some fly fishing tips that I have learned over the years through trial and error.   In this podcast I will cover tips on

  • how to prevent your deer hair bass bugs from twisting your leader
  • the value of taking details stream notes for a successful fishing trip
  • how to properly cast a 2 to 3 fly rig without twisting your leader
  • how to fish a popper with a dropper such as a Shenandoah Blue Popper with a Pearl Marauder dropper
  • night fishing for smallmouth bass
  • using a slip strike to prevent breaking off large trout on fine leaders
  • how to use a slack line cast for trout, especially the puddle cast and lazy S cast
Fly Fishing Tip for Night Fishing
Jeff Murray catches many large bass at night. Note how he keeps a tight line so he can quickly feel the strike and hook the bass.

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Fly Fishing Chironomid Midges

The Mr. Rapidan Soft Hackle is a great fly to use when the trout are taking emerging midges.

Many trout feed actively on the great number of chironomid midges which hatch at this time of the year. If you see a dimple rise they are taking the adults so show them a Mr. Raidan Dry Midge size 20. While you are fly fishing if you see splashy rises they are taking the emerging midges so fish for them with a Mr. Rapidan Olive Soft Hackle size 16 or a Brassie size 18.

Easily Locate Your Dry Midge

A size 24 Dry Midge or pseudocleon can be difficult for some anglers to see on the stream which results in many missed strikes. An easy way to spot your fly is to place a 1/4 inch piece of an SA Indicator 3 feet up the leader from the fly. This is so small that it will not interfer with a smooth presentation of these small flies on a 6X or 7X leader. Yet this is easy to spot on the stream and it accurately guides your sight to the fly.