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Loop Versus a Needle Knot

Loop Versus a Needle Knot Blog- Murray's Fly Shop- Edinburg, Virginia
I like to use a needle knot coated with thin coats of Pliobond for attaching my leader to the fly line on my delicate trout outfits because this slides through the guides very smoothly.

This week’s blog we will be discussing a Loop Versus a Needle Knot.

Most fly lines now come with a loop built into the forward part of the line. This is very convenient for connecting your leader with a loop to loop connection.  Therefore I use this on my seven weight smallmouth bass outfit. However, on my trout outfits for lines two to three in the East and lines four to six in the Rockies, I attach my leaders to the fly line with a needle knot. I coat these with three very thin coats of Pliobond. I prefer the needle knot on my lighter outfits. It slides through the guides easier than a loop to loop line connection.

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Murray’s Fly Shop Quick Fly Fishing Tip: Loop to Loop Connections

Quick Fly Fishing Tip: Loop to Loop Connections from Murray’s Fly Shop on Vimeo.

Murray’s Fly Shop Quick Fly Fishing Tip: Loop to Loop Connections – Loop to loop connections are a standard affair in today’s fly fishing arena.  Many fly lines come with loops pre made in the end to ease attaching your fly fishing leader.  Love loop to loop connections or hate loop to loop connections, there is a time and place for just about everything.  When that time arises in your fly fishing, you need to make sure you connect your loop to loop correctly.  Learn to tie the Double Surgeons Loop in this Quick Tip Video.