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Fly Fishing Podcast On Leaders and Casting

Fly Fishing Podcast on Leaders and Fly Casting by Harry Murray

In this months Fly Fishing Podcast I am discussing the many different leaders that I have designed and when I use these leaders. All of these leaders are hand tied knotted leaders which I prefer over the knotless leaders.

  • At this time of the year (late February-March) I use a Trout Nymphing Leader that has two Scientific Anglers Indicators on it.  These cast smoothly and work well with my nymphs.
  • In the spring I use a Classic Leader (either a 9ft or 7 1/2 ft.) for my trout fishing.
  • The Bright Butt Leaders I use for my bass fishing from spring to fall.  These leaders have a Scientific Anglers Indicator that I use for strike detection but also as a depth indicator.
  • I use the  Fluorocarbon Leaders for my shooting heads and sinking fly lines.
  • The Bass Bug Leaders  I designed for the fishermen down south that are throwing size 2 or bigger flies.
  • The Big Game Leaders I use in the Outer Banks or for saltwater fishing.
Fly Fishing Podcast on Leaders and Casting
Podcast on Casting–Using popcasts enabled Mr. Downey to achieve great accuracy in this water and to catch many trout.

The second part of this months Fly Fishing Podcast covers the many types of fly casts and a discussion on when and how to achieve the perfect cast.

  • Flip Cast
  • Puddle Cast
  • Lazy S Cast
  • Pendulum Cast
  • Roll Cast Strike

This is also the time of the year that many of you (myself included) like to hike into these remote areas and fish.  I strongly urge you to be prepared before hiking into these remote areas.  First, always have a map of the area you plan to hike/fish in your pocket or vest and keep it with you at all times.  Second, I recommend carrying a Satellite GPS Personal Locator Beacon so that if you should fall or have a medical emergency someone will be able to find you.  DO NOT rely on cell phones for maps or satellite service as many of these remote areas do not have cell phone service.

Fly Fishing Tips August 2017

Fly Fishing Tips from Harry Murray

Listen to Harry Murray’s Fly Fishing Tips where he will be discussing various trout and bass tips.

  • His favorite fly rods for fishing the large trout streams in the Rockies as well as the western spring creeks. He explains just what he uses these rods for and the size flies he uses on each one.
  • Using a line hand strike for bass fishing
  • Quantity of flies in a fly box vs. effective flies
  • Fishing the trico hatch and his ploy for fishing some easier trout than one often encounters on this hatch
Fly Fishing Tips-Leaders
I rely strongly on my Murray’s Hand Tie Compound Knotted Classic Leader for all of my dry fly trout fishing because of the fine accuracy and delicacy they give me.
  • The value of using hand tied compound knotted leaders for both trout and bass (read our article on knotted leaders vs. knotless leaders)
  • Tactics he uses when floating the rivers for smallmouth bass that help him catch  many bass from each section of the river.
  • Two tactics he uses to catch carp in the river (olive marauder)
  • Night fishing for smallmouth bass
  • Fishing the tails of the pools at dusk when he finds bass chasing minnows in the shallow water–tactics and flies to use  (Floating Minnows)
  • Tips for fishing for bass against the banks under overhanging tree limbs and fishing the ledges with madtom sculpins
Fly Fishing Tips for Bass
Smallmouth fishing at night just might give you the largest bass of the year. Fish water where you know the banks so you can get in and out of the river safely and when you get a strike set the hook solidly.


Fly  Casting Classes

In September Harry  will be conducting two Fly Casting & Rigging 101 Classes that will help you learn or improve your casting techniques.  On our casting lawn, he will teach you how to perform all of the standard casts as well as roll casts, curve casts, and shooting line.  After the casting class you will then proceed back to the fly shop where he will show you how to rig your tackle including the knots to use when putting your line and backing on a fly reel.  We provide the rod and reel outfits for you to use for the class or if you prefer you can bring your own.

September 9  from 10a.m. to noon
September 23 from 10a.m. to noon


Loop Versus a Needle Knot

Loop Versus a Needle Knot Blog- Murray's Fly Shop- Edinburg, Virginia
I like to use a needle knot coated with thin coats of Pliobond for attaching my leader to the fly line on my delicate trout outfits because this slides through the guides very smoothly.

This week’s blog we will be discussing a Loop Versus a Needle Knot.

Most fly lines now come with a loop built into the forward part of the line. This is very convenient for connecting your leader with a loop to loop connection.  Therefore I use this on my seven weight smallmouth bass outfit. However, on my trout outfits for lines two to three in the East and lines four to six in the Rockies, I attach my leaders to the fly line with a needle knot. I coat these with three very thin coats of Pliobond. I prefer the needle knot on my lighter outfits. It slides through the guides easier than a loop to loop line connection.

Harry Murray
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Fly Fishing Tackle Questions

Fly Fishing Taackle Questions
Here on Bis Spring Creek my 6X Classic Leader was perfect for fishing my Mr. Rapidan Ant size 18.

There are two  fly fishing tackle questions that anglers have been asking Murray’s Fly Shop so Mr. Harry Murray has answered those questions below.

  1. Why can’t you present a size 6 Popper smoothly on a 6X Leader?
  2. Why can’t you catch a rising trout on a size 18 dry fly fished on an 0X Leader?

The answer is simple: The leader tippet has to be chosen correctly to match the fly size. The formula below helps.

Fly Size ÷ 3 = Tippet in X

An example is size 18 Fly ÷ 3 = 6X Tippet

So remember this formula next time you are fishing!

Also check out Fly Fishing Questions and Answers Blog.

Harry Murray
Murray’s Fly Shop
PO Box 156
121 South Main Street
Edinburg, Virginia 22824
Phone Number: 540-984-4212
Website: www.murraysflyshop.com
Email: info@murraysflyshop.com

Fly Fishing Tip – Loop to Loop Tippet and Fly

Fly Fishing Tip – Loop to Loop Tippet/ Fly

An easy method of changing out tippet/ flies is by switching to a loop to loop system at your leader/tippet connection.

Loop to Loop Connection for Tippet and Fly – Fly Fishing Tips from Murray’s Fly Shop on Vimeo.

1. The tippet is part of the leader. Leaders are manufactured with the tippet attached.  Often marked at 2x, 3x, 4x, etc – this is the size of the tippet (not the entire leader).
2. The tippet (end of leader which attaches to the fly): 24 inches long on a new leader.  For knotless leader you will need to measure and place a mark at 24 inches to keep track of where the tippet ends and the mid-sections start (or you can use a micrometer for an exact measurement).
3. I place a Double Surgeon Loop in the end of my tippet and the end of the mid-sections of my leader (section of leader which attaches to tippet).
4. I like to go a step further and pre-attach several flies to individual pieces of tippet which I have already tied a loop into the end of while I am at home.
I find this especially helpful when it’s cold out or I plan to fish into the late evening.  We also teach this technique in our schools to aid anyone who is having difficulty tying knots.

Mastering Trout Nymph Fishing


Mayfly Nymph Murray's Fly Shop VA Fly Fishing
One can often catch many trout in high cold water by using nymph patterns which match the natural insects.

Here is how you can easily solve the dilemma of trout nymph fishing. On a day when you have caught several dozen trout on dry flies you know they are feeding well. Now, replace the dry fly with a nymph and continue fishing the same sections of the pools. If you do not continue catching as many trout as you did with dry’s the reason is very simple: You are getting strikes but not detecting them.
I find that the new Murray’s Trout Nymph leader with its special knotted taper and two Scientific Anglers Indicators spaced along it is a great help in discerning the strikes.
As the nymph drifts naturally along the stream bottom be sure to retrieve the line with long line hand strips. Short pulls mask the strike. When you see the strike set the hook quickly with both the line hand and the rod.

Murray’s Bright Butt and Classic Leader Kits

The Murray’s Bright Butt Leaders and Murray’s Classic Leaders are the preferred leaders by serious anglers all across the country for both trout and bass. The reason is very simple: They cast beautifully whether you are presenting a Trico 24 on 7X or a Shenandoah Chuggar 4 on 2X. The Bright Butt Leaders with their installed SA Indicators are a great help in detecting strikes. We now offer kits with all of the materials needed to build your own leaders which includes our leader formulas and a pack of SA Indicators.