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Folstaf Wading Staff Demo with Harry Murray – Murray’s Fly Shop

Folstaf Wading Staff with Harry Murray – Wading safety is paramount wether you fish small mountain trout streams, large freestone rivers or everything in between.
Wading Safety begins with proper wading technique.  The safest wading technique includes keeping two points in contact with the bottom of the stream or river at all times while you are wading through the water.  A Folstaf Wading Staff is an extremely useful and efficient wading staff which ensures you will always have two points in contact with the stream bottom.  The Folstaf Wading Staff we recommend is 3/4″ in diameter and extends out to a fixed 50″ in length.  The Folstaf Wading Staff breaks down to pieces nine inches long and fits into an included holster to store when you don’t need it.

Wading Stick and Wading Safety

When wading across a fast river that can cut your feet out from under you it is wise to use a wading staff. I personally use a Folstaff. Use your wading staff in your upstream hand. This wasy if you do fall quite possibly you will start falling by leaning upstream and the force of the current can help you regain your balance.  The wading staff is a valuable asset since it ensures that you have two points of contact with the bottom of the stream or river at all times.  This is particularly important when moving water approaches your waist and above.

Safe Wading

Folstaff Wading Staff $132.00
A good wading stick is a great aid when wading fast streams and I don’t mean just large rivers. If you accidently fall down in water waist deep you get wet, if you fall down in water ankle deep you can break bones. I use a Folstaff Wading Staff in all streams I fly fish. If, however, you need to wade across a waist deep fast river and don’t have a wading stick here is a method which has helped me in the the large rivers we fish in the Rockies. Point your fly rod downstream with your downstream arm extended full length so the tip and six inches of the rod tip rest on the surface of the river. Maintain this contact point, just brushing the surface of the stream, as you wade slowly across the fast water. This simple method improves your balance greatly and helps you keep from falling.
Watch Harry’s Video on the Folstaff Wading Staff and the benefits of using a wading staff while fishing on the river.