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Poly Yarn

Poly Yarn Fly Tying Murray's Fly Shop VA
Poly Yarn

This is the second in my series on winging material. For those just starting to tie dry flies many find poly yarn the easiest of all materials to use. Actually, this is easy to understand because it is easy to handle, comes in many colors, floats well and does not absorb water. Personally I seldom use it because I feel delicate dry flies tied with poly yarn wings lack the aesthetic appeal of those tied with feathers.

Wood Duck Flank

Lemon Woodduck Plumage Fly Tying Murray's Fly Shop Virginia
Lemon Woodduck Plumage

This is part one of three parts on dry fly winging material.  The woodduck flank feathers you see here are one of my favorite materials for tying delicate dry fly wing. They are easy to use and many of the students in my fly tying classes use these to tie great drys on their first attempt. I have friends who use these on the Quill Gordon Dry Fly, March Brown Dry Fly, Light Cahill Dry Fly and many other patterns.

Murray’s Magnum Hog Sucker Streamer Fly Tying Kit

Murray's Magnum Hog Sucker Streamer
Murray’s Magnum Hog Sucker Streamer
Murray's Tie a Fly Kit (Just add a vise), Murray's Magnum Hog Sucker Streamer.
Murray’s Tie a Fly Kit (Just add a vise), Murray’s Magnum Hog Sucker Streamer.

In the forties and fifties, smallmouth bait fishermen on the Shenandoah River who were after the largest bass used live Hog Suckers for their bait. Then several years ago when a huge smallmouth bass chased a real hog sucker onto a shallow gravel bar to capture it just twenty feet from where I was wading, I decided to develop a Magnum Hog Suck Streamer to catch these big bass.
This new fly is effective from April until November.  Fish it with a slow line hand stripping over the edges of all gravel bars along the banks and the downstream ends of the islands.
In 2016 we started a new item, Murray’s Magnum Hog Sucker Fly Tying Kit. This kit contains a photo of the Murray’s Magnum Hog Sucker, the complete tying instructions, and enough materials and hooks to tie 24 of these flies. This fly tying kit is $35.95.

Fly Tying Tip: Finishing your Flies with a Whip Finish – Murray’s Fly Shop

Fly Tying Tip: Finishing your Flies with a Whip Finish – Murray’s Fly Shop
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Fly Tying Quick Tip: Tying the Whip Finish from Murray's Fly Shop on Vimeo.

Mini Drop of Cement

Mr. Rapidan Dry Fly fly tying tips

When I’m tying flies I find it very easy to apply a small drop of head cement at each tie-in and tie-off spot on the fly by keeping my cement in a Hypo Syringe. If your cement is very thick just cut it with head cement thinner. I keep the needle stuck in a cork so the cement does not become hard in the needle.