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Winston Kairos Fly Rod

Winston Kairos Fly Rod- Murray’s Fly Shop- Edinburg, Virginia

The NEW Winston Kairos Fly Rods are in and I have tested them extensively. These are great rods at a very attractive price. Here is my evaluations of the three rods which have very broad usage.

Winston Kairos 8 foot 3 weight 4 piece
This is an excellent fly rod for small to medium size streams all across the country. The tip is very delicate that blends in smoothly to a full flexing action all the way to the butt section. This fishes flies from size 24 midges up to size 8 nymphs with great accuracy. This will cover trout fishing needs  quite effectively from ten to fifty feet.

Winston Kairos 9 foot 6 weight 4 piece
This fly rod meets a broad variety of needs. It is excellent for fishing medium to large size trout streams all across the country. It has a medium to fast action. The tip is fine enough to fish flies as small as size 18. The whole rod loads smoothly all the way to the butt section. The butt section is firm enough to cast nymphs and streamers up to size 6. It has excellent power for fishing sinking tip fly lines and sinking head fly lines for both trout and smallmouth bass with heavy size 6 streamers. The smooth loading action is ideal for fishing smallmouth poppers and deer hair bass bugs up to size 6 with great accuracy along the river banks and grassbeds.

Winston Kairos 9 foot 7 weight 4 piece
This is an excellent smallmouth bass fly rod. It has a fast action which enables you to fish poppers and streamers up to size 4. This power makes it very easy to make long casts even in the wind with great accuracy. This also facilitates smooth mending when fishing streamers on fast sinking head fly lines across fast currents.  It is very easy to detect the strikes on deep swimming nymphs and streamers and then set the hook quickly with this rod.

The Winston Kairos is a very attractive fly rod with a clear graphite polished finish with Winston green thread wraps. The fly rod comes with a hard case and lifetime warranty. It is built in Montana.  The Fly Rod price is $475.00. We also sell combination packages with the Fly Rod, Reel, Fly Line and Backing at a great savings!

Proper Ferrule Care

Jeff Murray Western Trout Fly Fishing Murray's Fly Shop VA
Keep your ferrules dressed for good fit and longevity.

I was fishing with a good friend on the Madison River when he called from two hundred feet downstream that he needed help. When I got to him he pointed his fly rod at me and exclaimed, “Look”! I could easily see that the top section of his four piece fly rod was missing. He said that when he made his regular forward cast the tip section of his fly rod slipped off, tore the fly off and shot out into the river and he could not catch it.  When I asked him if he ever put ferrule dressing on his ferrules he looked at me with an embarrassed look and answered, “well…no”.
This spring I had a beginning anglers break a new rod in a similar situation.  A good friend of mine recently broke his favorite rod when he jammed its dry ferrule together and broke the rod trying to get it apart. All of these problems could have been prevented if the anglers had regularly applied Murray’s Ferrule Dressing to their ferrules.

Switch Lines in Mid-River

Switch Fly Fishing Lines while standing mid-river. Murray's Fly Shop Fly Fishing Tips
There are often times when one wants to switch from a floating to a sinking tip fly line and it is not necessary to wade to shore to achieve this.
Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Murray's Fly Shop - North Fork Shenandoah Smallmouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass caught on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River

You are standing in mid-river using a 9 foot rod and you decide you would like to switch from a floating fly line to a sinking tip fly line.  You can easily remove the reel spool with the floating line from the reel and insert the reel spool with the sinking tip line. Now pull fifteen feet of line with the leader attached from the reel. Take the fly rod apart at the ferrule in the middle of the rod and place the tip section of the rod under your arm. Thread the leader and line through both sections of the rod then put the tip section back on the butt section at the ferrule and you are ready to fish. This works fine with two piece and four piece rods.

Be Nice To Your Fly Rod

Jeff Murray Fly Fishing Murray's Fly Shop Virginia
Many of my Scott Fly Rods that I use often are over 30 years old and they cast as well as the day I bought them because I take care of them.

A friend recently purchased a new fly rod and broke it while casting the first day out. When I asked him if he had put ferrule dressing on it before fishing, he looked at me with a questioning expression and asked “No, what is that?”
I always apply a light coat of Murray’s Ferrule Dressing on each ferrule on a new fly rod and every six months there after. This helps assure a smooth non slipping ferrule joint and can prolong the life of the ferrule.

Delicate Presentation

The Scott Radian Fly Rod helps me greatly in casting small flies into the wind.
The Scott Radian Fly Rod helps me greatly in casting small flies into the wind.

When fishing 7X leaders with small flies  a delicate presentation is difficult when the wind is blowing straight into your face.
One option is to relocate so the wind is at a different angle. A second option is to use a low side arm cast to cast under the wind. A third option is cast a low tight loop on your presentation cast with extra power on your delivery. The only problem with this last tactic is that I have seen many excellent anglers slam the fly onto the surface of the stream. This will scare the trout and often puts them down.
I have never seen this slamming of the fly occur with the new Scott Radian Rods.  I assume the wonder damping action of the Radian Rods is responsible for this.  I do know that casting into many powerful head winds in Montana last fall I had no problems with delicate presentations.

My Favorite Fly Rods


I’m often asked which fly rods I use for different types of fishing:

*On small mountain trout streams I like the Murray’s Mountain Trout Rod which is 6ft. 10in. 3wt. 3pc.
*On large trout streams such as the Yellowstone River I use a Scott G2 9ft. 6wt. 4pc.
*On Western Spring Creeks I use a Scott G2 9ft. 4wt. 4pc.
*On Eastern Spring Creeks I use a Scott G2 7ft. 7in. 3wt. 4pc.
*On smallmouth bass I use a Murray/Scott 9ft. 7wt. 2pc.
*For saltwater I use a Scott S4s 9wt. 4pc.

Selecting a Fly Fishing Rod by Action – Part II

We have put this video together to help you understand the different fly rod actions and their fly fishing application. Harry Murray discusses why one eight weight fly rod action works better for bonefish while another action works better for bass, particularly smallmouth bass, fly fishing applications. Our goal with this four part series “Selecting a Fly Fishing Rod by Action” is to allow you to walk into your local fly shop, pick up and cast a few fly rods and be able to determine which one will perform optimally in your fly fishing situation.

Fly Rod Suggestions

If you are considering new rods for the coming year for yourself or a family member, base your selection on the flies you plan to fish. Here are the guidelines I use for my personal fishing all across the country.
*Eastern Trout Fishing– I like the delicate 2 or 3 weight fly rods. 8′ or less for the mountain streams.
*Western Trout Fishing– Large rivers I use 9ft. 6 weight fly rods. Spring Creeks I love a 9ft. 4 weight fly rod.
*Bass- 9ft. 7 weight with flies up to size 4. 9ft. 8 weight with mostly size 4 or larger flies. I like both of these to have strong tips and medium butts to help pull the wind resistant streamers and poppers through the air.
*Steelhead/ Alaska Rainbow Trout9 – 10ft. 6 or 7 weight Single Hand fly rods / 11 – 12.5ft switch (two-hand or single hand) fly rods in 6 – 8 weight. I prefer a fly rod with a medium butt and strong tip for better roll casting as well as casting heavily weighted streamers.
*Saltwater9ft. 8 weight fly rod for bonefish, schoolie stripers, brackish water largemouth bass. 9ft. 9 weight for bluefish, rockfish, cobia, permit, trout, puppy drum, etc. 9ft. 12 weight fly rod for Tarpon.

Save The Day

A broken or lost fly rod can ruin a trip. I once had a guide on the Yellowstone River knock my favorite bamboo rod with a Hardy Reel overboard and lose it. I had a friend cast the whole tip section off his fly rod and lose it on the Madison River. Another friend broke my fly rod when he caught his fly in a tree and tried to pull the tree down. Alaska, with the ever present split shot, has claimed more of our fly rods than I care to count. We’ve had our Brittany Spaniels break rods in our drift boat and I’ve had students in our schools break fly rods in ways too numerous to keep an accurate tally.
In order to save the day or the trip I always carry extra rods. On distant trips I always take two back-up fly rods in each line size I will be using. On local trips I always carry one back up fly rod. In our On-The-Stream Schools I fill the back of my Jeep with extra fly rods.

Lifetime Supply

If you find a fly fishing product you really like you better get a lifetime supply because they may stop making it.