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Fly Fishing Nuts & Bolts Video – Fly Rod Repair

Fly Fishing Rod Repair Tip-Top from Murray’s Fly Shop on Vimeo.

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Contents of my “Rod Repair Kit“: Ferrule Cement,  Emory Board or 320+ grit sandpaper, Lighter or Matches, Variety of sizes of Tip Top Guides and a Razor Blade.

Be Nice To Your Fly Rod

Jeff Murray Fly Fishing Murray's Fly Shop Virginia
Many of my Scott Fly Rods that I use often are over 30 years old and they cast as well as the day I bought them because I take care of them.

A friend recently purchased a new fly rod and broke it while casting the first day out. When I asked him if he had put ferrule dressing on it before fishing, he looked at me with a questioning expression and asked “No, what is that?”
I always apply a light coat of Murray’s Ferrule Dressing on each ferrule on a new fly rod and every six months there after. This helps assure a smooth non slipping ferrule joint and can prolong the life of the ferrule.

Graphite Fly Rods Need Ferrule Dressing

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I know we posted this some time ago but I have recently seen a rash of fly rods broken at the ferrules and after much discussion with several of the manufacturers’ rod builders, our conclusion is that the ferrules are slipping vs. a design flaw. A question I am going to pose to anglers in the future: Have you ever taken your rod apart at the end of the day and found that one of the ferrules was not snug? If you answer yes to this question then you need to apply ferrule dressing… Keep your rod out of the repair shop and on the water!