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Loop Versus a Needle Knot

Loop Versus a Needle Knot Blog- Murray's Fly Shop- Edinburg, Virginia
I like to use a needle knot coated with thin coats of Pliobond for attaching my leader to the fly line on my delicate trout outfits because this slides through the guides very smoothly.

This week’s blog we will be discussing a Loop Versus a Needle Knot.

Most fly lines now come with a loop built into the forward part of the line. This is very convenient for connecting your leader with a loop to loop connection.  Therefore I use this on my seven weight smallmouth bass outfit. However, on my trout outfits for lines two to three in the East and lines four to six in the Rockies, I attach my leaders to the fly line with a needle knot. I coat these with three very thin coats of Pliobond. I prefer the needle knot on my lighter outfits. It slides through the guides easier than a loop to loop line connection.

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Scientific Anglers Frequency Magnum Fly Line Review – Murray’s Fly Shop

The new Scientific Anglers Frequency Boost Magnum Fly Lines have a specialty taper which places extra weight in the forward section of the floating fly line. This presents large and heavy flies very smoothly and loads fast action rods very well.  This is the taper I prefer for our smallmouth bass fly fishing because it turns over the heavy, bulky, wind resistant flies such as Popping Bugs and heavy streamers.  This is an excellent smallmouth or largemouth bass fishing fly line.  Similar taper to the discontinued Scientific Anglers Bass Bug Taper Fly Lines.
These fly lines do not mend or roll cast as well as fly lines with a less aggressive front taper such as the Frequency Boost Fly Line.
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Sizes: 5-8
Length: 100′
Weight Forward Floating Fly Line
Scientific Anglers Frequency Magnum Taper Fly Lines - Murray's Fly Fishing Shop

Scientific Anglers Frequency Magnum Taper Fly Lines - Murray's Fly Fishing Shop

Selecting a Fly Line

Fly fishing fly line selection Selecting a Fly Line. Do you know the difference between the hundreds of different fly lines on the market? Why are there so many choices? Do I really need to have dozens of fly lines at my disposal to take up fly fishing? Does the flyfishing world try to make it difficult to understand fly lines? No, I don’t know, No and yes (it’s confusing to me as well!!!!).
Every day I have folks asking for help in selecting the right fly line for their flyfishing. The decisions are mind boggling! It confuses the majority of us and I have even upon asking the manufacturers, had some long moments of silence and blank stares. The choices don’t have to be confusing. In this article I have tried to simplify the selection process, regardless of the manufacturer, for the beginner or the advanced fly fishing angler. I have compiled a list of the fly lines typically used and summarized them by the tapers (shape and weight) which I use for the various types of fly fishing conditions. Check it out….