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Fly Fishing Workshop Podcast

Fly Fishing Workshops

Learn to Fly Fish with our Fly Fishing Workshop–This November we will be starting our fly fishing workshops on Saturdays in the fly shop from 10a.m. to noon.  I will be covering various topics throughout the winter into the spring including  fly casting, fly tying, trout fishing in the Shenandoah National Park, smallmouth bass fishing in the Shenandoah River and NEW this year Selecting the Proper Fly Rod Outfits.

For more information or to register for a fly fishing workshop …click here   or call 540-984-4212

Fly Casting Workshop

2014 – Learn to Fly Fish

Murray's Fly Shop 2014 Catalog - Learn to FlyFish in 2014! 2014!! – Make it the year you Learn to Fly Fish!!

Our 2014 Catalogs just arrived at the Fly Shop and if you’re on the mailing list you should be receiving yours in the next week.
Our theme this year is “Learn to Fly Fish!!”  The great outdoors is full of opportunities that don’t include the – “enter your chosen obsession with the techno world”.  The fishing world is a great way to experience the great outdoors; alone or with companions.  Have you already mastered flyfishing?  Teach someone to fly fish!  Need equipment? Give us a call and we probably have some loaner gear you can use to teach a friend or child or spouse or parent.
Fishable water can be found within 10 minutes of 90% of the population of the U.S.A.  –  To help you Learn to Fly Fish we have many opportunities from fly fishing articles to fly fishing classes which are available throughout the year.
Bring your Student ID or Military ID to any of our Winter Workshops and it’s FREE!  Don’t have one of these ID’s?  Bring a friend and it’s FREE for one of you!