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Fly Fishing Questions Podcast

Fly Fishing Questions and Answers Podcast
“Swing Nymphing” will enable you to fish your nymph deeper than any method you can use with a floating line. Even beginning angles in our schools quickly master this technique.

This months fly fishing question and answers podcast includes Harry Murray discussing the swing nymphing technique used with Scientific Angler Indicators, hook sharpening files, barbless vs. barbed hooks, landing nets, and what insect repellent can do to your favorite fly rod.

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Fly Fishing Questions & Answers June 2016

As we are doing our guided float trips on the Shenandoah River, we have been seeing many of these. Do you know what they are? Find out by listening to this podcast.

This months fly fishing questions and answers podcast includes techniques to use for the trico hatch that is coming very soon, a simple and easy method to untwist those bass lines and leaders, a technique to fish the hellgrammites and the best way to handle thunderstorms during a float trip on the river.

Bounce Retrieve Fly Fishing Technique

We seldom consider fishing streamers in mountain brook trout streams, but here is a technique that is very successful for me on the mountain brook trout streams as well as in our larger trout streams in the conditions we have now.
I call it a BOUNCE RETRIEVE. Wading upstream and casting straight upstream or up and across stream at a 20 degree angle I allow my streamer to sink deeply. Then I lift the fly rod and get tight to the streamer with my line hand. As the current pushed the streamer back downstream I lift the fly rod 45 degrees over the stream which cause my streamer to swim up through the current just like a natural minnow. Keeping a tight line on the fly with my line hand, I continue this lifting and dropping fly rod motion to swim the fly all the way throughout the pools. This is actually easier than nymph fishing because you will feel these strikes.

Slow Retrieve

I still use the old line – hand twist retrieve occasionally when I want to fish deeply because it compels me to swim my flies slowly.

Fish or Rock?

When you are fishing nymphs or streamers deeply and feel a bump set the hook quickly. Sure it could be a rock, but it could be your largest fish of the season. Why take a chance on missing him.

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