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On The Stream Fly Fishing Schools

Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Schools
Have fun learning how to fly fish for smallmouth bass in our on the stream schools.

This month we are starting our on the stream smallmouth bass schools on various dates throughout the summer.  For 55 years we have been teaching these schools and feel they are the most informative schools around.  Each day begins at 9a.m. with a classroom presentation at our fly shop in Edinburg, VA  then you will proceed to the Shenandoah River for the “on the stream” instruction.

We customize these fly fishing schools to meet your specific needs.  These schools provide you with the most comprehensive experience by preparing you to fish smallmouth bass rivers and large trout streams. You will learn or brush up on casting, fly fishing equipment selection, knot tying, reading the water, entomology and all aspects of fishing for smallmouth bass.

We keep our class sizes small so each student has plenty of time with the instructor.  1 instructor per 5 to 6 students.  Don’t have a fly rod?  No worries–we supply the fly rod and reel outfits for the day.  Are you a total beginner?  No problem,  that is what we are here for.  Have you been fly fishing before but just need a little extra help?   We can help no matter your level of experience.

So, come by yourself, bring a friend, relative or that special someone and enjoy a day learning to fly fish.

2017 Dates

June 2, 8, 10, 12, 17, 26, 30
June 23 (Advanced Class)
July 8, 22, 28
August 5, 18, 26

$196 per student for the day

So check your schedule and register today!
You can register online or phone 540-984-4212

Fly Fishing Report for Smallmouth Bass & Trout–May 2014

Fly Fishing Report May 2014

Fly Fishing Report for Smallmouth Bass & Trout–May 2014
In this fly fishing podcast Harry Murray discusses the streams conditions plus the techniques to use at this time of the year on our smallmouth bass rivers in the first part.  The second part includes the conditions of the trout streams and what flies and techniques to use.

Interested in learning to fly fishing?  Consider our 2-day Smallmouth Bass Schools or our 1/2 day Fly Fishing Lessons.

Have questions on where to go?  Stop by the fly shop and we’ll be happy to go over the maps with you for the best areas to fish.

2014 – Learn to Fly Fish

Murray's Fly Shop 2014 Catalog - Learn to FlyFish in 2014! 2014!! – Make it the year you Learn to Fly Fish!!

Our 2014 Catalogs just arrived at the Fly Shop and if you’re on the mailing list you should be receiving yours in the next week.
Our theme this year is “Learn to Fly Fish!!”  The great outdoors is full of opportunities that don’t include the – “enter your chosen obsession with the techno world”.  The fishing world is a great way to experience the great outdoors; alone or with companions.  Have you already mastered flyfishing?  Teach someone to fly fish!  Need equipment? Give us a call and we probably have some loaner gear you can use to teach a friend or child or spouse or parent.
Fishable water can be found within 10 minutes of 90% of the population of the U.S.A.  –  To help you Learn to Fly Fish we have many opportunities from fly fishing articles to fly fishing classes which are available throughout the year.
Bring your Student ID or Military ID to any of our Winter Workshops and it’s FREE!  Don’t have one of these ID’s?  Bring a friend and it’s FREE for one of you!

On-The-Stream Brook Trout Fly Fishing Schools

Shenandoah National Park Native Brook Trout Fly Fishing
Typical SNP Brook Trout

We are currently filling our Mountain Trout On-The-Stream Schools which take place in the Shenandoah National Park.  These schools focus on the tactics and techniques for catching trout in high gradient streams.  We are blessed with great numbers of Native Brook Trout throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains and these schools focus on the intricacies involved in catching these beautiful fish.  Bring your lunch, license raincoat and waders/ hip boots and we will bring the rods/ reels and fishing guides.  We start each day with a slide show then head to the stream for some real world classroom lessons.
The dates for these schools are: April 4-5April 14-15April 18-19May 2-3
Register Online or give it a go the old fashioned way, 540-984-4212 and talk to one of us.

Predictions for Smallmouth Bass Fishing in VA in 2011

Since both the number and size of the bass were better in 2010 than they have been in many years I fully expect the smallmouth fishing to be outstanding this year, especially on the North and South Forks of the Shenandoah River.

I plan to start fishing for smallmouth bass in March this year and I’ll tell you on my weekly Bass Stream Fly Fishing Report what is happening. At this time the cold water and full streams prompt the use of a SA Mastery Sink Tip III Fly Line in order to get the flies down to the bass. These are ideal conditions to use our new Murray’s Magnum Streamers. These conditions can continue through April but by the middle of May the bass are awake and are feeding well. Many bass start feeding heavily on Hellgrammites in the riffles now throughout the day and on adult Brown Drake Mayflies and Olive Caddisflies at dusk.

From July until mid October the bass feed heavily throughout the rivers and you may choose the tactics and flies you like. I find that I catch my largest bass along the shaded banks and grass beds throughout the day and in the tail of the pools at dusk. My most dependable surface flies are the Shenandoah Blue Popper 6, Shenandoah Sunfish Slider 6, Murray’s Bass Cricket 8 and Murray’s Floating Chub Minnow 6. When I go underwater these flies seldom let me down: Shenk’s White Streamer 6, Murray’s Heavy Black Hellgrammite 6 and the Murray’s Magnum Streamer 4.

If you like fast dry fly fishing for smallmouth bass try to be on the river the last 3 weeks of September during the last 2 hours of daylight. The hexagenia mayflies, both duns and spinners are on the water and the fishing is fast and furious. One evening last September I counted 17 smallmouth bass rising to these adults in one measured minute. I put on a Mr. Rapidan Skater 8 and by going one on one with rising bass I caught dozens of nice bass. If you don’t hit a heavy hatch in the area you are fishing be willing to try another stretch of the river. The nymphs like a silty stream bottom.

In late October and November I revert back to the deep water tactics I mentioned for using in March. How late in the year do I fish for bass? I keep going until I get skunked twice.

Since I’m fortunate enough to fish often I can provide you information in 3 different ways that will let you know what’s happening so you can take advantage of this in your own fishing.

1. Each Friday I provide a brief stream report on both trout and smallmouth fishing on my website (www.murraysflyshop.com).
2. The first part of each month I provide a free email newsletter stating what I expect will be happening that month.
3. The Murray’s Fly Shop Angler’s Club provides a weekly newsletter to you from March to November on current fishing conditions. (Cost $50 for first time sign up then $15 yearly).

If you would like to attend one of our Smallmouth Bass “On The Stream Fly Fishing Schools” this year we will be offering six 2 day schools. Most of the time in these schools is spent on the stream where you will be fishing and working with our instructors to enhance your learning and experience.   These fly fishing schools cover the fishing tactics for nymphs, streamers, top water, reading the water, equipment/ fly tackle selection and casting the fly rod.

2009 Fly Fishing School Dates

Learn to fly fish or brush up on your technique with our outstanding instructors.
We have had a lot of requests for the dates of our 2009 On The Stream Fly Fishing Schools so, here are the links to each respective schools dates.
Click this link for the Smallmouth Bass On The Stream School dates.
Click this link for the Mountain Trout On The Stream School dates.
Also, we have several Fly Tying Classes and topic specific Winter Classroom talks scheduled through the winter. These are a fun way to fend off cabin fever on these short days.
As many of you experienced last year, these schools fill quickly. Space is limited to ensure optimum instructor/ student ratios.
Give us a call (540-984-4212) or drop us an email us with questions or to sign up.