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Fly Fishing Questions Podcast

Fly Fishing Questions and Answers Podcast
Skating dry flies for smallmouth bass that are jumping to feed on adult damselflies is one of the most exciting forms of smallmouth fishing. It is so easy to master that many beginning anglers in our smallmouth bass schools catch many bass this way with the Mr. Rapidan Skater Dry Fly (pictured).

My fly fishing questions and answers podcast for December will cover several topics that I have been asked over the last several months.   I will cover the benefits of designing and tying your own flies, especially since the weather will be so cold in the next few days and the streams will be to cold for good fishing.

Also covered in this fly fishing podcast is a technique I use  for small streamers with the bounce retrieve.  I will be covering my three favorite types of popper (hard head bugs) and the best types of fishing each style covers.  Lastly, I will be discussing the smallmouth skaters.

Fly Fishing Questions & Answers October 2016

Harry Murray's Question and Answer Podcast
The Murray’s Mr. Rapidan Parachute Dry Fly from size 14 to size 20 is my favorite dry fly because it seldom lets me down.

Each month Harry Murray discusses some fly fishing questions that he is asked through emails and phone calls.  This month he discusses the advantages to using a wading staff and snake bite kits, how to clean and waterproof your dry flies with Murray’s Dry Fly Floatant, and dressing your leaders.   Also, how was the Mr. Rapidan Dry Fly and Murray’s Hellgrammite pattern developed?

You can tie your own Murray’s Hellgrammites by using our fly tying kit. Interested in learning fly tying–consider our fly tying workshop on Saturday, November 19 from 10a.m. to noon.

Fly Fishing Questions & Answers June 2016

As we are doing our guided float trips on the Shenandoah River, we have been seeing many of these. Do you know what they are? Find out by listening to this podcast.

This months fly fishing questions and answers podcast includes techniques to use for the trico hatch that is coming very soon, a simple and easy method to untwist those bass lines and leaders, a technique to fish the hellgrammites and the best way to handle thunderstorms during a float trip on the river.

Fly Fishing Questions & Answers

Tippet Formula
What size tippet should I be using? Harry’s formula makes it easy!

Harry Murray’s discussion includes  fly fishing questions he has been asked recently.  He will be presenting these discussions periodically to help you find good fishing.   This podcast includes the topic “How to Choose the Proper Tippet Size” for the specific fly you will be fishing along with other fly fishing terms that we have all heard but didn’t know what they meant.

Reference books:  Virginia Blue Ribbon Streams book and Trout Fishing in the Shenandoah National Park book