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Tailing Dry Flies

Murray's Sulphur Dry
Murray’s Sulphur Dry

Many years ago I used to tie my dry flies with thick clumps of spade hackle and could not explain why I got many refusals from rising trout. It finally dawned on me that I was using way too many hackle fibers in the tail.  I had been using so many that it possibly looked like part of the fly’s body to the trout. Even though I may have been tying a dry fly on a size 14 hook which matched the natural insects, by the time I tied in a very thick clump of tail hackle fibers, my fly looked like a size 10 to the trout.
I now use only enough spade hackle or straight moose body hair for my dry fly tails to help float my flies and my catch is greatly improved.

Yellow Stoneflies

I’m starting to see many natural little yellow stonefly adults on our streams and trout take these insets well and thus will take our dry flies and nymphs readily.

The two most productive areas to fish a dry stonefly are the tails of the pools where the flies which emerged in that pool are drifting and below the riffles in the heads of the pools where the naturals from the pool above wash in.

The two best areas to fish a little yellow stonefly nymph are beside the mossy boulders on the sides of the pools and below the log jams in the pools which hold dead leaves. These are the two areas which hold large populations of natural nymphs and the trout feed heavily upon them in these areas.

My favorite dry for this hatch is the Murray’s Little Yellow Stonefly Dry sizes 16 and 18. My favorite nymph to match these naturals is the Murray’s Miracle Yellow Stonefly Nymph 16.