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Fly Fishing Essentials- Must Haves

Fly Fishing Essentials- Must Haves Extra Fly Boxx Trout Fly Fishing Murray's Fly Shop
I always carry an extra fly box in my vest or chest pack just in case I loose my main fly box.

Fly fishing essentials- must haves include a variety of gear, an extra fly box is an easy one.
For my trout fishing I carry the flies I need for each trip in one small fly box in my chest pack. When doing this on the Armstrong last year I lost my main fly box and had to fish with those flies that were on my dry fly patch. Ever since that day I have carry a second small fly box with a dozen emergency flies in my chest pack.

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Small Flies

Trico Female Spinner size 22
Trico Female Spinner size 22

In order to tie small delicate trout flies I hold the number of thread wraps to a minimum. The firmness of the wraps and not the number of wraps is what makes a fly durable. Also, experience has shown me our most effective small flies are tied very sparsely so I keep the number of components to a minimum. I also like to use out 8/0 thread or 6/0 thread.

Durable Flies

Fly Tying with Murray's Head Cement.
Fly Tying with Murray’s Head Cement.

In order to improve the durability of my flies when I tie them, I like to place a mini-drop of head cement at each tie-in and tie-off spot as I add a new material. I find that a easy way to do this is to keep some head cement in a hypodermic needle and just place a mini-drop where I need it. In order to keep the cement from drying in the syringe and plugging the needle shut, I stick it in a cork between steps.

Penetrating Cement

Murray's Head Cement
Murray’s Head Cement

For me fly tying cement has two main purposes. One is to hold the fly together and the second is to coat a pretty head on the flies.  I make my own head cement so since I want the flies I tie to be durable I use a vehicle which enhances its ability to penetrate deeply into the materials and thread. This produces a fly which is almost indestructible. In order to coat a pretty head on my streamers I use my thicker head cement.

Streamer Flash

Accent Flash, Rainbow
Accent Flash, Rainbow

I often add a few strands of rainbow color accent flash in the wings and tails of streamers. These strands in with marabou, buck tail, calf tail or saddle hackle helps it look like a real minnow in the stream. This is easy to use and inexpensive.

Check out our fly tying workshops this winter!

Trip Information – Good Stream Notes

Jeff Murray Fly Fishing Murray's Fly Shop Virginia

Trip Information in the form of Good Stream Notes help ensure fishing success in the future.

When I return home from a fishing trip of several weeks away from my home area I record information which helps me plan future trips. Tips which help me include: the streams which provided the best fishing and which area, the streams which provides the slowest fishing, all of the best hatches and the time of the day, the best flies and the best food and lodging.

Ostrich Plume

Ostrich Plumes Fly Tying Flies Murray's Fly Shop VA
Harry Murray holding one pound of White Ostrich Plumes.
Ostrich Plumes Fly Tying Flies Murray's Fly Shop VA
Harry Murray holding one pound of White Ostrich Plumes.

This pound of Ostrich will tie enough flies to catch many thousand fish. Ostrich Plume is used to tie streamers, Murray’s Pearl Marauder is one example. It is highly effective because it has natural minnow action in the stream.

Also, different color Ostrich Plumes are used to tie Murray’s Hellgrammites, Murray’s Strymph and Murray’s Marauder’s.

Custom Flies

Mr. Rapidan Bass Skater Dry
Mr. Rapidan Bass Skater Dry

We will be glad to custom tie special flies you need. Just send us 2 samples for our fly tyer to match and I will send you the price. The minimum order is 12 flies in the same size.

Save a Fly Rod

A good fly rod does a great job in fighting a fish like this, but they are not built to jerk solidly hooked flies out of trees.
A good fly rod does a great job in fighting a fish like this, but they are not built to jerk solidly hooked flies out of trees.

When a fly gets caught in a tree over the stream which is out of reach the proper way to attempt to free it is to point the rod straight at the fly and pull the line gently with the line hand. If the fly has now wrapped the leader around the limb it will probably pull free and you have saved the fly. If it has wrapped you will break it off but the rod will not be damaged. Never jerk back with the rod like you are setting the hook on a fish. A friend just did this with one of my favorite Scott fly rods and broke the rod. It is foolish to break a $795.00 fly rod in attempting to save a $2.00 fly.

Mountain Trout Fly Fishing Tactics May 2012 Podcast

Brook Trout Fly Fishing Podcast In this Podcast Harry Murray discusses Mountain Trout Fly Fishing Tactics and the effective flies from early May until early summer for 2012.

Harry Murray’s Discussion on Winterizing Fly Fishing Tackle

This Fly Fishing Podcast covers an often neglected aspect in fly fishing: Winterizing your fly fishing tackle.
As the season is winding down we need to be careful about how we clean our fly fishing tackle so that it last for seasons to come. In this post Harry discusses his technqiues for cleaning fly rods, fly reels, vest, flies and more along with little tidbits that have helped him in years past.

Flies for the Year Club

Fly Winter Storage

Wise storage of your flies over the winter will assure they will be in good shape when you are ready to fish in the spring.

Dry flies that are matted and have mashed hackles should be carefully steamed over a teakettle with a small strainer or long forceps, being very careful not to get burned by the steam. Lay these aside to dry thoroughly before storing them in your fly boxes.

Streamers, nymphs and surface bugs may need to have grass or leaves pulled off them and old pieces of mono trimmed from their eyes.

Store your flies in their boxes in a dry area and they will be ready to use next spring.

Dangerous Trick

When your fly becomes hooked on a tree limb several feet beyond your reach, there is a great temptation to stick your rod tip all the way up to the fly and try to twist and turn the fly until you free it. This is not a good practice because you can easily break your fly rod…..There is no fly worth risking breaking your fly rod.