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MFS Fly Fishing Podcast for July

MFS Fly Fishing Report July

Harry Murray discusses how to find the trout in the stocked trout streams and the best tactics and flies to use to catch them.
Flies that are working: Murray’s Dark Stonefly Nymph size 12, Murray’s Yellow Stonefly Nymph size 16, and Mr. Rapidan Soft Hackle Brown size 12

The second part includes the “change of pace” trout flies that are working well for us that match the natural foods in the mountain trout streams.  Check out our “change of pace” trout fly assortment!

The last segment includes Harry’s new “Escaping Minnow” Streamer Technique as well as fishing hellgrammites and surface bugs on the Shenandoah River for smallmouth bass.  Flies that are working include: Shenk’s White Streamer size 6, Murray’s Olive Marauder size 6, Heavy Black Hellgrammite size 4, Blue or Damsel/Black Popper size 6 and Shenandoah Chartreuse Popper size 6

Smallmouth Bass and Trout Fly Fishing Report Podcast


Smallmouth Bass and Trout Fly Fishing Report Podcast – Stream Report for Smallmouth Bass and Trout Fly Fishing in the Shenandoah Valley -August 2014
Harry Murray discusses the river conditions for the North and South Fork of the Shenandoah River along with the best smallmouth flies to use and how to fish them.  We have been fishing well the last two hours of daylight with the Shenandoah Blue Popper size 6.   In the second part of this podcast he discusses the trout fishing in the mountain trout streams in the Shenandoah National Park along with the best flies to use, including the Mr. Rapidan Ant size 16.

If you are interested in learning to fly fish, we are currently conducting our half day fly fishing lessons in August and September.  These are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9a.m. to 1p.m. These are great for those just starting, those that want to brush up on their skills, or for those that just want to enjoy a few hours on the river.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@murraysflyshop.com or (540) 984-4212.

Fly Fishing Stream Report

Fly Fishing Stream Report

Harry Murray discusses the best trout fishing in the Blue Ridge Parkway at this time of the year and what flies to use in the first part of this fly fishing podcast episode.
In the second part of this fly fishing podcast episode Harry covers how to catch those large bass that are feeding heavily in the back eddies on the sides of the river.

Products discussed include:
Trout Fishing in the Shenandoah Park Book by Harry Murray
Virginia Blue Ribbon Streams Book by Harry Murray
Murray’s Magnum Hog Sucker #4
Murray’s Black Madtom/Sculpin #4

Virginia Fly Fishing Report for Trout and Smallmouth Bass June 2013

virginia smallmouth bass fly fishing report Virginia Fly Fishing Report for Trout and Smallmouth Bass June 2013.  In the first part of this fly fishing report Harry Murray discusses the fishing on the remote head water streams in the Shenandoah National Park and the best flies to use such as Murray’s Fly Beetle, Mr. Rapidan Parachute, and Professor Dry.
The second part Harry discusses the large stocked trout streams such as Big Stoney Creek along with the flies he recommends: Murray’s Flying Beetle, Mr. Rapidan Delta Wing Caddis, Olive, and Shenk’s Cricket.

In the last part of Harry’s discussion he covers the underwater flies and topwater flies along with the tactics we are using to catch some of our largest bass of the season. These flies include the Olive Marauder, Magnum Hog Sucker and Creek Chub, Shenandoah Blue Popper, and Shenandoah Chuggar Chartreuse.

Fly Fishing Special Report for the Shenandoah Valley

High and muddy Big Stony Creek in Edinburg, VA 1.98″ of rain in downtown Edinburg has the North Fork and South Fork of the Shenandoah River high, muddy and un-fishable as of right now.  Big Stony Creek, Mill Creek, Passage Creek and the rest of the Shenandoah Valley stocked trout streams are high and un-fishable right now. If you have to get on the water, your only option is likely kayaking, rafting or whitewater canoeing the North Fork or South Fork of the Shenandoah.  Floating over the low water bridges shouldn’t pose much of a problem as many are 3-4 feet underwater as I write this.  The good news is many streams and rivers have reached their crest and for you hoping to cast to a few trout, Passage Creek is dropping back quickly and will be fishable by Saturday (12-10-2011) afternoon unless we receive unpredicted rain.  Until then, stop by the fly shop at 10:00am Saturday for our Workshop: Fly Fishing for Trout.


Smallmouth and Trout… Fishing Galore!

Smallmouth Bass caught 5/21 on an Olive Roadkill Nymph
Fishing Report: The local trout streams are all in great shape. Hike down from the Skyline Drive or Blue Ridge Parkway for your best water levels on the native Brook Trout streams. The local smallmouth streams are all in great shape. Fishing has been good, bring a sink tip fly line a heavy streamers since the rivers are still full. Floating is your best bet if you have access to a canoe, boat, kayak or something that will suffice.
The Fly Shop will be closed on Memorial Day…. I’m going fishing!! So give me a call Saturday to get the information on where to go and what to use.

Fly color and muddy water?

You have heard as many theories on what color fly to use in each color of water known to anglers. This evening I tried a few of my favorites and found black to work quite well. The visibility into the water was about two feet and the river level is high, too high to wade on the North Fork of the Shenandoah North of Edinburg.
Will other colors work? Sure, I had success with both Olive and Chartreuse patterns (Roadkill and Marauder). I did not try any others though. Vince Marinaro used to say he preferred black because of it’s contrast (darker) with the muddy water. Since I give Vince a lot of credit as a knowledgeable angler, I tend to start off with this theory.
Another favorite theory employed around the shop is match the color of the water i.e. Olive Colored water = Olive Colored flies, clear water = white flies and so-on. Chartreuse? I don’t want to see water even close to Chartreuse but it works, sometimes seemingly better than any others, and so, out go the two above theories.
This afternoon turned out to be beautiful, a pleasant change from our recent stint of rain. As we floated the river, we watched a few youngsters from Edinburg bank fishing with their parents and were quite pleased to see they were having success in the catching department.
As you read this, I hope you have just returned from a fantastic trip to your favorite stream or river. As for the fishing, it was great! We caught quite a few bass and sunfish on Sink Tip III and V fly lines, yes there is a lot of water…. All looked great with no signs of illness on any of them.