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Five Tips for Tying Durable Flies

Five Tips for Tying Durable Flies Blog- Murray’s Fly Shop

Here is Five Tips for Tying Durable Flies:

(1) I keep my diluted fly tying cement in a hypo-syringe so I can apply a tiny drop of cement at each tie-in and tie-off step.

(2) I use the strongest tying thread possible for each type fly. I also use Kevlar Tying Thread when tying saltwater flies and deer hair bass bugs.

(3) I rely on very tight wraps of thread to hold all materials snugly to the hook rather than a great number of wraps.

(4) I remove all extraneous fuzz and wild hair fibers from each pinch of deer hair, elk hair, calf tail and buck tail before tying it onto the hook.

(5) When I complete trimming a surface deer hair bass bug I paint the stomach hook shank with spar varnish. I cut this 50-50 with paint thinner.

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