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Hen Hackle

Grizzly Hen Hackle Tips
Grizzly Hen Hackle Tips

The Grizzly Hen Hackle tips you see here is one of my favorite dry fly winging material when I want to show distinct wing outline.  Using this in a spent wing position is what I believe makes the Murray’s Housefly such an effective fly, prompting strikes from trout which pass up regular flies.  Adams Dry flies tied with these wings are preferred by many anglers. The webby texture of these feathers enable us to tie very attractive and effective nymph with them.

Trout Drag

Now that our hatches are starting we need to be very careful when we are fishing dry flies so our flies drift naturally on the stream and do not “drag” in an unnatural manner. Here are four tactics which help me:
1. I dress my leader and fly with dry fly floatant.
2. I fish as short a line as possible, never shooting long casts to the heads of the pools to fish the mid pool and pool tails.
3. I position myself where I can present my fly on the same currents that are carrying the natural food to the trout.
4. On pools with many mixed surface currents I use a “puddle” slack line cast in order to assure a natural fly drift.