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Discolored Water

Slightly discolored water which we have had often so far this year presents a problem when we fish nymphs and streamers. The visibility the fish have of our flies are limited in these conditions. The way I solve this problem is to rely on the advice the late Vince Marinaro gave me many years ago. Vince was a special friend and I have never found one of his theories to be wrong.

Vince suggested going to dark color flies when fishing discolored water because the fish could see these best due to their color contrast in the stream. For this reason my 4 favorite smallmouth flies for discolored water are the Murray’s Skunk Road Kill Nymph 6, Murray’s Heavy Black Hellgrammite 4, Murray’s Black Madtom 6 and Murray’s Magnum Darter Streamer 4.

Water Color

There are times when slightly discolored water improves the fishing. The simple reason is that the fish are less wary. This very apparent late in the summer when the low streams are crystal clear and the fish are spooky and difficult to catch. Then along comes a thunderstorm with an inch of rain. The stream picks up a little extra color and the fish are much easier to catch because they are less wary.