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Murray’s Strymph

Murray's Olive Strymph Smallmouth Bass Trout Fly Fishing Murray's Fly Shop VA
By carefully designing the Murray’s Strymph, Harry Murray was able to produce a fly that would pass for both a streamer and a nymph.

There are days when the smallmouth bass feed heavily on minnows and fishing streamers catches these fish. However, there are days when they feed mostly on natural nymphs and we catch these smallmouth bass on “artificial nymphs”. Realizing this, I decided to develop one fly to be fished as a Streamer to catch the minnow feeders as well as matching the natural nymphs which could be fished as a Nymph. I developed the Strymph drawing on Ron Kommer’s idea of using ostrich herl in the tail and Charlie Brooks concept of tying underwater flies “in the round”.
Thus the Strymph can be fished upstream dead drift and across the current in a swing nymphing method both of which match our natural nymphs.
The Strymph can easily be fished across stream with a deep swimming action which matches all of our minnows. Simply stated, there is no wrong way to fish the Murray’s Strymph, and it is equally effective for both smallmouth bass and trout.
If you are interested in learning how to tie the Murray’s Strymph, here is the tying kit or you can just purchase the tying instructions recipe sheet.

Winter Fly Fishing Workshop: Mastering Nymph Fishing for Trout

Winter Workshop: Mastering Nymph Fly Fishing for Trout Fly Fishing with Nymphs is one of the most productive methods of taking trout throughout the country and around the world.  Using a slide show we will have an in depth discussion about the fine points governing the techniques, tackle and effective nymphs which are productive for trout in mountain trout streams, large trout streams and spring creeks.  We will cover dead drift nymphing, swing nymphing, czech nymphing, strike detection, and how to make your indicators work (for you).  To register: Give us a call at the fly shop (540-984-4212) or register online.

Upstream Dead Drift Nymphing

Murray's Heavy Hellgrammite Nymphs

Harry Murray discusses Upstream Dead Drift Nymphing Tactics for both Smallmouth Bass and Trout.

Upstream Dead Drift Nymphing

Harry Murray’s discussion on the upstream dead drift nymphing tactic.