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Fly Fishing in January Podcast

Midge Fly Fishing in January 2017

Jeff on the Firehole Fly Fishing
There is outstanding midge fishing on the Firehole.

Midge Fly Fishing–Many trout feed heavily on chironomid midges in our large trout streams throughout the winter. This month Harry Murray discusses the tactics and flies that are effective in fly fishing for trout with Chironomid midge flies both on the surface and underwater.  These tactics and midge fly patterns will work well for you whether you are fishing on the Firehole in the Yellowstone National Park or on Big Stoney Creek in Edinburg, Virginia.

Fishing a Midge Hatch
Jeff Murray enjoys fishing the midge hatches all across the country because of the great challenge these trout provide.

My favorite adult midge patterns include the Mr. Rapidan Midge size 18, 20; Murray’s Dark Stonefly Dry size 18; Murray’s Bronze Stonefly Dry size 18.   For trout feeding on natural emerging midges I like to use a Copper Brassie size 18 or 20 or a Copper John Zebra Nymph size 18.

In the last part of my January Podcast I will cover how to clean your gear including your rods, reels, flies, fly lines, vests/raincoats, and waders.  I have made several videos on caring for you gear–check them out.    Rods Video     Fly Lines 

How to Clean a Reel
A clean reel will run smoothly and last longer.

Fly Fishing Workshops
January 14, 2017  Fly Tying Class from 10 a.m. to noon
January 21, 2017  Trout Fishing in the Shenandoah National Park Workshop from 10a.m. to noon
January 28, 2017 Mastering Trout Fishing Workshop from 10a.m. to noon

All winter workshops are held at my fly shop at

Murray’s Fly Shop
P.O. Box 156 (121 S. Main St.)
Edinburg VA 22824
PH 540-984-4212

Invasive Species Cleaning Procedures for Fishing – Murray’s Fly Shop

Aquatic Invasive Species, Learn how to prevent the spread of invasive species
Do you want this in your favorite river or stream? Educate yourself and prevent it!

Invasive Species Cleaning Procedures for Fishing

Spring is here and with it we are all eager to hit our favorite stream or river.  As you venture out be safe and most importantly have fun!
Please take a minute to educate yourself on the threat of Aquatic Invasive Species / Aquatic Nuisance Species to our streams and rivers.  This threat continues to persist and likely will Ad infinitum.  Please educate yourself about how to prevent their spread then take action to ensure you and your friends aren’t part of the problem.
Some great resources are found throughout the web and here are a few of our favorites:
Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force
Didymo in Virginia
Clean Angling Coalition – Take the Clean Angling Pledge while you’re there
Trout Unlimited
FWS- Aquatic Invasive Species
USDA – Invasive Species
If you are reading this and are registered for one of our On-the-Stream Schools please take steps to ensure your gear is clean prior to arriving at the school.  As of today, 3-28-2014, felt soles are legal in Virginia.  They are illegal in Maryland (Potomac River).
How do you clean your gear?  Read Harry’s article on Cleaning and Disinfecting your Fly Fishing Gear or listen to his Podcast on Aquatic Invasive Species.

Aquatic Nuisance Species

Attention Anglers!!  We all need to help stop the spread of Aquatic Nuisance Species.  For those attending our On-The-Stream Schools, please follow one of the steps listed in this article to clean your fishing gear prior to the attending our schools.  Drying after a thorough cleaning is all it takes… No special chemicals or equipment are necessary.