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Match the ???

Adult Mayfly Dun Trout Fly Fishing Murray's Fly Shop VA
By matching the color and size of the natural insects you will do well.

Personally I enjoy entomology. I found that working with Art Flick in the sixties in order to identify the aquatic insects in Virginia very rewarding and it was the beginning of a very special friendship.
We now have many excellent books on aquatic entomology so if you enjoy this I believe you will find it very rewarding.
However, one of the greatest trout anglers and finest gentleman I have ever known used a different approach.  He was not into technical entomology, but he did not seem to need it. When he saw large tan natural aquatic insects on the stream he would take an artificial fly from his box which matched it and catch many trout. If he saw small yellow natural insects on the stream he would go to his fly box and match it with great success.  His name was Jack Sperry and he was a true master angler.

Catching Trout on Heavily Fished Streams


Catching trout on heavily fished streams can prove to be a monumental challenge for even the most experienced anglers.  On heavily fished trout streams I often catch many large trout by fishing with what I call “Change of Pace Flies”.  These are fly patterns which mimic the natural foods upon which the trout feed but which show them fly patterns they seldom see.  A good example of this is the Murray’s Housefly.  By placing the wings down spent on each side of the flies body I show the trout a food they know well but that produces a different light pattern from what they usually see.  I fish these below shrubs along the banks and below overhanging tree limbs using an upstream dead drift.

The Inchworm is another fly which matches many worm-like creatures that the trout feed heavily upon in addition to the real inchworm.  Since many of these worms fall clumsily onto the stream, I find that presenting my Murray’s Inchworm will roll cast causing it to land on the stream with a splash often brings a strike from a trout which races across the stream to get it.  Dapping this carefully over vegetation along undercut stream bank causes the Inchworm to dangle on the surface like a natural worm hanging from his thread.

The Mosquito is another artificial fly which will fool many wary trout when fished with a dead drift along brackish water on mountain streams and on sloughs in spring creeks.

Frequently these tactics bring me some of my largest trout of the season.