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Five Tips for Tying Durable Flies

Five Tips for Tying Durable Flies Blog- Murray’s Fly Shop

Here is Five Tips for Tying Durable Flies:

(1) I keep my diluted fly tying cement in a hypo-syringe so I can apply a tiny drop of cement at each tie-in and tie-off step.

(2) I use the strongest tying thread possible for each type fly. I also use Kevlar Tying Thread when tying saltwater flies and deer hair bass bugs.

(3) I rely on very tight wraps of thread to hold all materials snugly to the hook rather than a great number of wraps.

(4) I remove all extraneous fuzz and wild hair fibers from each pinch of deer hair, elk hair, calf tail and buck tail before tying it onto the hook.

(5) When I complete trimming a surface deer hair bass bug I paint the stomach hook shank with spar varnish. I cut this 50-50 with paint thinner.

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Streamer Flash

Accent Flash, Rainbow
Accent Flash, Rainbow

I often add a few strands of rainbow color accent flash in the wings and tails of streamers. These strands in with marabou, buck tail, calf tail or saddle hackle helps it look like a real minnow in the stream. This is easy to use and inexpensive.

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Calf Tail

Calf (Kip) Tail
Calf (Kip) Tail

Calf (Kip) Tail is a very useful material with many applications in tying dry flies, streamers and bass bugs. The yellow calf tail I show here is what I use to tie the wings of the Mr. Rapidan Dry Fly series.  The space between the two pencil-pointers gives us the hair which is easiest to make nice even dry fly wings. I hold these hair fibers by the tips and brush out the short, useless hair and the fuzz with an old tooth brush. Usually these hair fibers are even enough to tie in as they  are producing nice straight wings. If you like you can straighten these hair fibers in a hair evener, but I seldom find this necessary.  The long hair fibers on the tip of the tail make excellent streamers, bass bug tails and even sometimes wings for Trude dry flies. These come in many dyed colors and are inexpensive. The more you experiment with these in your fly tying , the more great uses you will find for them.