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Fly Winter Storage

Wise storage of your flies over the winter will assure they will be in good shape when you are ready to fish in the spring.

Dry flies that are matted and have mashed hackles should be carefully steamed over a teakettle with a small strainer or long forceps, being very careful not to get burned by the steam. Lay these aside to dry thoroughly before storing them in your fly boxes.

Streamers, nymphs and surface bugs may need to have grass or leaves pulled off them and old pieces of mono trimmed from their eyes.

Store your flies in their boxes in a dry area and they will be ready to use next spring.

Dry Reels

When putting your fly reel away for the winter clean inside the back plate, drag and spindle with a cleaning fluid and a Q-Tip unless the reel manufactures directions specify not to clean and oil it. On other reels apply a light coating of oil or reel grease to all working parts, being careful not to overdo this and get it on the line and backing. Set the reel in a shaded well ventilated area for several weeks to be sure the line and backing are completely dry, then store if for the winter.