Fly Fishing Tip for Fishing Midges for Trout

Fly Fishing Tips

Fly Fishing Tips from Harry Murray
January 2018

This months fly fishing tips podcast includes a variety of topics that I have discussed with customers and would like to pass along.

Fly Fishing Tip #1 –Many of you are fishing size 24 midges at this time of the year and you are having a hard time seeing that fly on the stream.  What can you do?  I use one little Scientific Anglers Indicator about 3 feet above my midge on a Trout Nymphing Leader.  I have seen Jeff catch many large trout in this slough (pictured above) on Armstrong’s on size 24 midges by using a 1/8″ section of Scientific Anglers Indicator on his leader as a “fly locator”.

Fly Fishing Tip#2 –Cleaning  Fly Lines–I have 5 steps that I use to clean my fly lines.

  1. Wash the entire fly line with ivory soap
  2. Rinse the entire fly line with water
  3. Dry with a paper towel
  4. Rub with Glide Line Dressing
  5. Take dry paper towel and wipe entire fly line down to remove line dressing

This well help your fly lines last a long time and perform better throughout the year.

Fly Fishing Tip--Steaming a Fly
Fly Fishing Tip–By steaming a matted dry fly with a very long hemostat you can make them as good as new.

Fly Fishing Tip#3–Cleaning My Flies–Once a year I go through my fly boxes and put my flies into 3 groups.  1) Flies too old to repair or so far beyond repair go into the trash pile. 2) New flies go into another pile. 3) All other flies go into the repair pile.  With these flies I either steam them with a kitchen kettle and then dry them or I put them in the vise and repair the heads to get them ready for the upcoming season.

Fly Fishing Tip#4–Saltwater Fishing in the Wind–Listen to my podcast and I will tell you the technique I use to cast in these windy conditions.

Fly Fishing Tip--Casting in the Wind
Fly Fishing Tip–If the wind is in your face and you need extra distance, just shoot your back cast toward your target.